Volkswagen fans have one final chance to win a brand-new Mk 8 Golf GTI by participating in the final Golf AdBreak Championship race, taking place this Saturday 21 August.

Launched on July 19, the Golf AdBreak Championships offer consumers a chance to take the new Golf GTI for a digital hot lap via their smartphone browser.

The game can be experienced in two modes – 'Play Mode', accessible through the practice hub (, and 'Win Mode', launched via a QR code visible only during designated Golf ads run on Channel 10, Fox Sports, and Kayo.

While Play Mode offers access (and practice) at any time, only Win Mode grants entry to the Golf GTI prize draw. Following a race in Win Mode, players are ranked on a leaderboard and those quick enough are entered into a draw. So far, 44,831 users have attempted the race and 2,072 have qualified for the draw.

Racers wishing to join the pool of potential GTI owners should heed the following advice: get in a few rounds of practice in Play Mode, tune into the TV this Saturday evening, and await the final AdBreak!

The Golf AdBreak Championships form one aspect of Volkswagen's overall advertising campaign for the new Golf range: The Everyday Escape. The campaign encourages the break of monotony and routine of everyday life and transports consumers to a world of excitement.

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