Tyres4U, Australia's leading independent tyre distributor, was recently awarded a three year contract to supply bus tyres and associated services to the State Transit Authority of NSW (STA).

The contract was based on a two year trial of bus tyres and services at selected STA bus depots.

The STA use over 5,000 new bus tyres plus 10,000 retreaded bus tyres annually within its fleet of just over 2,000 buses across 12 bus depots.

New bus tyres and bus tyre retreads were supplied and monitored at each depot with the best results & service being considered as the leading factor contributing to the tender award.

Tyres4U was able to demonstrate savings from selecting the optimal bus tyres and retreads on a CPK (cost per kilometre) basis but also provided savings by streamlining the administration and invoicing system for bus tyre procurement whilst providing transparency for all stakeholders.

This is why Tyres4U designed a new web-based software system to record, track and monitor all the bus tyres & retreads supplied to the STA. The system helps reduces the carbon foot print as it is paperless and is available online anywhere, anytime to be viewed by all parties and is easily controlled by staff with a PDA (personal digital assistant).

Tyres4U supplies new Double Coin RT606 steer tyres for each bus complemented with VIPAL and Recamic bus tyre retread rubber according to the nature of the transport routes. Double Coin RT606 is a purpose built bus tyre with reinforced side walls to protect against curb damage and provides greater safety with enhanced traction and grip.

By using a controlled system of tyre supply, applicable to the nature of the tyre use and monitoring the performance of these tyres, Tyres4U then ascertains the best tyre for each STA bus. Tyres4U provides ongoing services to ensure the STA maximises their return on their tyre investment:

  • Regular tyre inflation inspections optimising tyre performance and reducing STA fuel costs.
  • Tyre performance history records for effective tyre management.
  • Data registration to track all used bus tyre cases for inventory and quality control.
  • CPK (cost per kilometre), PSI (inflation pressures) and tyre projections monthly reports.
  • Auto-emailing of invoices and statements to lower administration costs.

For more information:

Thomas Hayes, Tyres4U National Fleet & Government Sales Manager
165-171 Milton Street, Ashfield NSW 2131
Tel: 02 97161789 Mobile: 0412 049 530 Email: thomash@tyres4u.com.au