Tyres4U is an Australian-owned and operated organisation specialising in the import and distribution of tyres and tubes.

Tyres4U holds exclusive and non-exclusive agencies for multiple tyre brands manufactured in many overseas countries.

Tyres4U operates in every state in the commonwealth of Australia and has 11 branches strategically situated throughout Australia. The head office is located in Ashfield, in the inner western suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales.

Tyres4U also operates branches in both New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

The current product range offered by Tyres4U covers applications for:

  • Passenger Cars
  • Light Truck and 4WD
  • Truck for Steer, Drive, Trailer and All Purpose
  • Agricultural/Industrial, including Earthmoving & Off-the-Road
  • Special Purpose Tyres, Mower & ATV Tyres
  • Pneumatic and Solid Forklift Tyres
  • Tyre Fill Polymer Products & Pumping Equipment
  • Tubes

The organisation is extremely supportive of its customer's activities, and having some of the most highly respected expert technical people in the Australian tyre industry on its staff, Tyres4U is well placed to assist its customers in selecting the right tyre to satisfy specialised needs.

This approach is necessary in today's fast-moving modern world because not only is tyre technology rapidly changing but there is an unprecedented availability of superior quality tyres as alternatives to the traditional brands.

While it is obvious Tyres4U sell tyres, we like to think we actually provide solutions for businesses by also offering innovative support systems with some tyre applications, ensuring efficiency savings in traditional manual procedure areas. Long after the tyre sale is made, we continue to work with customers to ensure they get the most overall cost effective solution for their business.