Tyres4U has multiple business units in the B2B and B2C tyre industry. Solid Plus is one part of the organization winning on many fronts. This innovative forklift tyre business is nationally recognized as an industry leader, making use of the most advanced technology, qualified and experienced staff, and a world-class range of pneumatic and solid forklift tyre brands.

Henk Van Diggele, General Manager said, "Solid plus has quickly become a market leader through simply not just working harder but working smarter. The problem was that tender competition was increasingly fierce. Solid Plus accurately predicted that the only way to compete and be successful was with an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) competitive advantage amongst our peers."

Solid Plus' primary objective is to provide better customer service offerings and improved ways of processing customer transactions, saving customers time and money. Solid Plus utilises the latest technologies and software, which provide key automation ingredients such as real time ordering, invoicing, live order tracking and reports. Features included:

  1. A truck electronic delivery feature, where the customer signs for the delivery and immediately receives the invoice directly into their system and / or via email
  2. Online ordering, where a customer working for a large, decentralised organisation can order by their part number, the order goes to a pending order system for head office to approve before submitting the order online
  3. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with suppliers for the processing of Just In Time (JIT) delivery of orders for customers

In the modern world, innovation is an essential ingredient to success. The positive impact for Solid Plus (and its parent company Tyres4U) has been a top three-finalist in 'warehousing and/or Storage Solutions ' in the 8th Annual Logistics & Materials Handling Mercury awards next month, where the best of the best are recognised. With more than 180 industry leaders expected to attend the awards dinner, Solid Plus is in good company.

Managing editor of Logistics & Materials Handling magazine, Cole Latimer said the presentation ceremony promised to highlight the many successes businesses in the sector have achieved over the last twelve months.

"It's great to see the awards once again highlighting the enormous contribution that the logistics industry makes to Australia." Latimer said. "As everyone knows without the trucks rolling, the country grinds to a halt."

"Again this year we can see the leap forward that technology is making within this sector and how it is helping the industry to create gains in efficiency and productivity."

It's not just the award opportunity that Solid Plus can boast about but also the acquisition of accounts that include Australia's largest airline and Australia's largest manufacturer and distributor of structural material. Tyres4U CEO, Les DeCelis said, "Times are tough in business, economic growth and business investment is benign, hopefully economic activity should improve after the poll as the federal election is adding to the weight on consumers and businesses. While there is uncertainty in our industry vertical, it's very rewarding to see the Solid Plus division of our business continue to gain market share."

Tyres4U is an Australian owned and operated organisation specialising in the import and distribution of tyres and tubes. SolidPlus, under the umbrella of Tyres4U, is an innovative industrial/forklift tyre service. SolidPlus hold exclusive distribution rights for many tyre brands, with operations and distribution centres in every Australian state.

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