Before you drive this Easter, visit any of the 200 Tyreright service centres Australia-wide for a free tyre safety check. The friendly trained staff at Tyreright will check your tyre pressures are correct and have the legal minimum tread depth while also checking for any sidewall damage or excessive oxidation. While Tyreright offer this free service year round, they want to promote tyre safety to reduce the Easter road toll in Australia.

Correctly inflated tyres with sufficient tread depth and no sidewall damage or excessive oxidation help you stop in time to avoid an accident with another vehicle, a cyclist or a pedestrian. Surveys have shown that more than 20% of cars have at least one defective tyre. With our busy lifestyles, we don't check our tyres often enough, so let Tyreright check your tyres for you before Easter, especially if you are driving over the holidays.

As well as helping to avoid an accident, or a fine for defective tyres, Tyreright's National Tyre Safety Week will help you save fuel since underinflated tyres use more fuel due to a poor contact patch increasing rolling resistance. With correct tyre pressures, your tyres will also last longer so you save 3 ways: less chance of an accident, use less fuel and extend the life of your tyres. You also help the environment by using less fuel and helping reduce tyre waste.

Sometimes you may have a slow leak which could be repaired, or Tyreright may just need to rebalance or rotate your wheels & tyres for your tyres to last longer and keep your family safer for longer.

If you do need tyres, Tyreright have the right choice of leading brands for all budgets and all vehicles, including Bridgestone, Toyo, Pirelli, Continental, GT Radial, Nokian, Runway, Eldorado and Sunfull.

For your convenience, you can buy your tyres 24/7 at and book in online with guaranteed 30 minute tyre fitting service or you get $30 cash back. Or look for your local bright orange Tyreright, or Affiliated Tyreright Service Centre now at or call 138-168 anytime night or day and please, drive safely this Easter.


Jack Jensen, Tyreright Contact Centre Tel: 138 168 or

Tyreright is a retail tyre network with company owned, licenced & affiliated service centres managed by Tyres4U, Australia's leading independent tyre distributor. H/O: 165 Milton St, Ashfield NSW 2131