GT Radial tyres were tested by a leading Australian driver education organisation, Safe Drive Training, in a controlled wet braking test witnessed by everyday Australian consumers in May 2015.  See later for real life consumer quotes.

While all tyres are black and round, and may look similar, there are huge differences in performance, cost and stopping distances on wet roads, which could mean the difference between life and death if you need to stop quickly.

GT Radial is launching a new Australian TV and internet video advertising campaign from August 2015 to showcase the safety and value of GT Radial tyres versus the risk of accepting cheap budget tyres which could risk your family on wet roads.

When braking from 100 kmph on a wet road, GT Radial tyres stopped 11 metres shorter, compared to a 'budget' tyre. GT Radial also stopped 1 metre shorter than a more expensive 'premium' tyre.

Many cars travel at high speeds on highways so the message is real and relevant.

GT Radial tyres can help Australian families avoid accidents on wet roads. Stopping sooner helps you avoid hitting another car, 4WD, van, motorbike or truck or even a pedestrian or shockingly, a young child on a bike.

GT Radial are the best value for money tyres in Australia, saving you money and potentially saving the lives of Australian drivers, families and pedestrians.

GT Radial tyres have been fitted to almost 1 million cars, 4WDs, SUVs and vans in Australia, over the past 2 decades with many repeat loyal satisfied customers.

Advertising will be broadcast initially on regional Australian TV where there is more high speed driving and resulting road accidents, and nationally with online videos including facebook and YouTube plus on many websites and

The campaign message is simple. Don't take the risk, insist on GT Radial tyres.


GT Radial are sold by leading independent tyre service centres, including over 200 Tyreright & affiliated Tyreright service centres, located throughout Australia, and can also be purchased  online including service at

GT Radial are recommended due to quality, safety, performance, long life and value.

GT Radial stockists can be easily found by calling 13 62 82 anytime 24/7 or just visit for service centre locations,  videos, information & promotions  before you buy.

GT Radial tyres are the only tyre brand that comes with a FREE 5 year tyre replacement guarantee. Other tyre brands only give you a part credit not a FREE tyre like GT Radial do, in the extremely unlikely event of a manufacturing defect.

GT Radial tyres are made by Singapore based GITI, the 10th largest tyre manufacturer in the world with modern factories in Asia and soon in the USA.

GT Radial tyres are the result of over 600 engineers and support staff in Research & Development with over 60 years' experience manufacturing tyres for the world.

GT Radial was awarded global supplier of the year to General Motors twice, and are fitted as Original Equipment to cars in many countries around the world.


Quotes by everyday Australian drivers who witnessed a controlled wet braking tyre test conducted with Safe Drive Training in May 2015 comparing the stopping distances of a Toyota Camry on 3 brands of tyres when braking from 100 kmph.

  1. GT Radial tyres vs cheap Budget tyres
  2. GT Radial tyres vs expensive Premium tyres

"I feel ashamed of myself to be honest 'cause I went into my mechanic... and I went, "what's the cheapest tyres you've got"?
"Put them onto my car please."
Female consumer aged 28 (mother of 3) who witnessed the wet braking tyre test

"The difference between, the life of your family."
Female consumer aged 31 who witnessed the wet braking tyre test

"Absolutely life or death"
Male consumer aged 40 who witnessed the wet braking tyre test

".. you don't need to be spending huge bucks for tyres that will do the job."
Male consumer aged 29 who witnessed the wet braking tyre test after the more expensive premium tyres took longer to stop  than GT Radial tyres

More information and GT Radial tyre service centres:  or please call Tyres4U, the importer of GT Radial in Australia on 13 62 82