Sydney: Autoglym looks set to take pole position in the highly competitive car care market with a new three-step wash and protect treatment.

The new Polar Series joins the extensive Autoglym product range, all created in line with the company's passion for perfection.

It features a pre-wash (first released in 2018) plus two all-new additions: a wash and a final protective coating. The three products are all applied with a pressure washer for a near-touchless experience, a perfect finish and with as little time spent as possible.

Autoglym staff took the new products to Canberra, to ask young rally star Harry Bates to give them a 'test drive' in the chilly autumn weather, ahead of his run in the Netier National Capital Rally.

Coming into his home event, the championship tally showed Harry leading the 2019 points chase after winning the first round of this year's series, with his younger brother Lewis second in the count.

Harry needed everything on his side to give himself a bigger advantage in the title chase. Every moment counts towards a result in a rally, including the preparation and maintenance of the car on the event, so cleaning his factory-supported Toyota Yaris AP4 with the three Polar Series products might just prove to be the edge he needed.

With some help from the Autoglym team, and his father Neal – a four-time Australian Rally Champion – Harry soon set out for the forest with his Yaris in pristine condition.

The process started with a coat of Polar Blast, a rich, thick blanket of pre-cleaning foam. As Step One of the Polar cleaning process, it takes a vehicle from 'caked in mud' to 'caked in foam' in the time it takes to circle the vehicle with the pressure washer.

Wait no more than 10 minutes as this tried-and-proven superior snow foam formula gets to work, drawing the larger dirt particles off the vehicle. A thorough rinse with a pressure washer and you're ready for Step Two.

Polar Wash is an all-new, lower-viscosity foam, which possesses a cleaning power that packs a serious punch. Applied with the pressure washer and agitated with a wash mitt or soft sponge, it leaves your car super-glossy and stripped of dirt, without removing any waxes or sealants.

Rinse off and watch the water sheet or bead off the surface. You can dry with a suitable cloth and you're done, or if using a protective finishing coat, just move straight on to Step Three.

Polar Seal is another miracle product from the chemistry wizards of the Autoglym laboratory, and rounds off the Polar series, safeguarding the minimal work that was carried out in the first two steps.

Again, applied with a pressure washer and avoiding direct application to the windshield, Polar Seal coats the vehicle with milky beads that form a hydrophobic layer on any surface it contacts.  As it's rinsed, the tight-beading water runs off the vehicle so quickly, there is barely anything left to dry and you are left with a perfect, high-gloss, streak-free finish. The protective sealants in Polar Seal maintain their integrity for at least a month before recoating is necessary.

Complete the makeover with Autoglym's new Wheel Cleaning Mousse, and then relax, knowing your car is protected by the quickest, easiest and most complete form of car care available on the market today.

In a sport where results come from racing the clock, Harry Bates knows you can't afford to waste time. He won the event.

It's the same scenario with the Polar Series: why spend an entire weekend detailing your car, when you can get a perfect job done in around 30 minutes. You will be the winner.

Autoglym's Polar Series is applied through a pressure washer and includes:

  • Polar Blast: a rich, thick blanket of pre-cleaning foam, available in a 2.5-litre bottle, with a recommended retail price of $47.99.
  • Polar Wash: a powerful, safe, luxury wash, available in a 2.5-litre bottle: RRP $35.99.
  • Polar Seal: a super-hydrophobic, protective high-gloss coating, available in a 1-litre bottle; RRP $46.99.

Autoglym's car care products, including the new Polar Series, are available from Supercheap Auto, Repco and Autobarn, and other leading automotive specialty stores across Australia.

About Autoglym:
Established in 1965, Autoglym has developed a reputation for high quality products in the world of automotive care and valeting. The result of more than 40 years of research and development – and with several patents for all-new technology – Autoglym products combine ease of use, value and reliability with excellent aftersales service.

There were 11 products in the original range, including polishes, a sealant, a paint renovator and glass, interior and wheel cleaners, all of which were then only available to professional detailers working in garages and workshops.

The company's retail range was launched in 1984. It consisted of the already-existing products and some developed especially for home users. The range now includes more than 60 specialist products – including the Polar Series – all of which are sold in more than 45 countries.

Throughout the world, vehicle manufacturers, distributors, body shops, transport operators and professional detailers – and the British Royal family – trust Autoglym above all others.


For more information, high resolution photography or product test samples, please contact: David Turney – Head of Marketing at GnG Sales (importers and distributors of Autoglym in Australia), 0437 607 267