From a discreet warehouse under the flight path of Charles De Gaulle International airport exists what is affectionately known as "Ali Baba's" cave – a treasure trove of Citroen's near 100 year history of vehicle production; and everything in-between.

Housed under cover in a 6,500-square-meter facility are more than 400 vehicles, with up to 150 vehicles out on loan to museums, heritage events, photoshoots and promotional purposes, lay in wait for visitors from around the globe.

The Citroën Conservatory maintains the largest international collection of Citroën vehicles which is classified by decades (from 1919 to now) and then by thematic "islands":

    • Sport,
    • Adventure,
    • Utilities,
    • Unusual vehicles,
    • Concept cars and prototypes.

Some museum highlights include:

    • Citroen's rotary powered helicopter,
    • A six-meter long, presidential DS,
    • A collection of 2CV prototypes, hidden in an attic during World War II,
    • Numerous prototype vehicles including the infamous 'Project L' the CX forbearer,
    • A wall of styling mock-up, or models,
    • Andre Citroen's office desk.

Vehicles aside, the Conservatoire also houses many of the marques original documents, designs and vehicle production records – all of which are being digitised onsite.

The conservatoire also offers an authentication service to vehicle collectors along with a personalised 'Coffret Legende' service which provides a presentation box set with documents relating to their vintage model.

The Conservatoire's collection also played a critical role in the formation of the Citroen Origins website.

The website takes visitors on a digital journey through the marques rich 99 year history, featuring 360-degree views of the vehicles, advertising, original sketches and sounds.


Pre-war vehicles
True witnesses and actors of the birth of the Citroën company, the pre-war vehicles are numerous at the Conservatoire. From Type A to Traction Avant, via the B10, the C4, the C6 or the Rosalie, you travel back in time and rediscover the technologies and innovations that have always given Citroën a head start.

Post-war vehicles
If the Conservatory owns the first models produced by André Citroën, it also contains many vehicles after the war some of which remain in the collective memory: the 2CV, the beautiful DS, the luxury SM coupe or the more recent cars in their rarest declensions. Step by step, you rediscover the innovative models and technologies that launched the brand in an international dynamic!

Commercial vehicles
The utilities are not forgotten in the collection, with several unique pieces including the last H-type model, the famous ribbed sheet metal van, Citroen U23 bus and the Citroen TUB – he first light commercial vehicle to feature a sliding door.

Race and Sports cars
With Yellow Cruises, Black Cruises, Rally-Raids, WRC ... and more recently the commitment to WTCC, adventure and sport are truly part of Citroën's genetic heritage. The conservatory allows you for example to board a small C4, remember the 2CV Cross or, why not start a ZX rally-raid Paris-Moscow-Beijing 1992!

Helicopters and everything in between
Fancy yourself a 007, the Conservatoire can help with that. Notice that the Citroen J-type tractor leaves the Citroen Chevron logo in the ground when it drives? How about a Citroen helicopter? Or, do you know the story of the DS Special "safe"? – the Conservatoire can help answers these questions.