• Improved child safety with extended IC (Inflatable Curtain)
  • Integrated 2nd-generation child booster cushions - a world breakthrough
  • New, stronger side structure (SIPS)

"When we developed the all-new Volvo XC70 the goal, as for the all-new Volvo V70, was that it should be the safest car in its segment," says Ingrid Skogsmo, Director Volvo Cars Safety Centre.

"The XC70 model shares the same sophisticated network of interacting safety systems as the Volvo S80 sedan.The patented body structure absorbs energy in a highly efficient way. And the interior safety system includes the latest generation of side airbags and whiplash protection. What is more, we are introducing a world innovation in the field of child safety."

Improved child safety with extended IC (Inflatable Curtain) and integrated booster cushions - a world breakthrough

To improve safety for children in the rear seat of the all-new XC70 model, Volvo has further developed the Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) with a stronger body structure, extended inflatable curtains and a height-adjustable integrated child booster cushion - the latter is a world innovation.

The child booster cushion, which is integrated in the rear seat, can be set at two heights, allowing children of different sizes to sit sufficiently high to see out through the windows yet at the same time get the most effective protection possible. The lower setting is intended for children between 115 and 140cm in height and weighing between 22 and 36kg, while the upper setting is designed for children measuring 95-120cm and weighing between 15 and 25 kg. The all-new Volvo XC70 can be equipped with integrated child booster cushions in both outer rear seats.

The adjustable child booster cushion means the seat belt geometry is optimum irrespective of the child's height. The integrated booster cushion is also accompanied by safety belts with specially adjusted force limiters. They contribute to the best possible protective effect by restraining the child with just the right amount of tensioning force in a collision.

From a historical perspective, Volvo launched the first-generation integrated child booster cushion in 1990. And for the past 17 years, it has become a safety icon feature from Volvo.

The inflatable curtains in the all-new Volvo XC70 have been extended by 60mm, which in combination with the height-adjustable booster cushions and the strong body side structure provide more children of different sizes with effective protection in a side impact.

Furthermore, the fact that more children are provided with comfortable seating on booster cushions helps create a more harmonious atmosphere in the car and provides better conditions for relaxed driving.

The front passenger airbag can be disabled using a key. What is more, the seat can be specified with attachments for rear-facing fitting of a child seat once the front passenger airbag is disabled.

New, stronger side structure
To optimise side-impact protection in the all-new XC70 model, not only for children but for all occupants, the body's entire side structure is both stronger and lighter thanks to a well-balanced combination of high-tensile steel of different grades (High Strength Steel, Extra High Strength Steel and the extremely strong Ultra High Strength Steel). The various components and grades of steel interact to minimise penetration into the passenger compartment. The aim is instead to get the entire car to move sideways - away from the colliding vehicle.

The new type of side-impact airbag which was launched together with the all-new S80 model makes Volvo's patented SIPS (Side Impact Protection System) into an even more effective safety system. The new side impact airbags have two separate chambers - one for the hip section and one for the chest. Since the hips can withstand greater force than the chest can, the lower chamber inflates with up to five times more pressure than the upper section. The side-impact airbags interact with the inflatable curtains and the body's network of safety beams to provide the most effective protection.