is an aggregate media portal designed specifically for the automotive industry capable of delivering press releases, reproduction-quality images, broadcast quality video and audio directly from all participating manufacturers, importers and industry bodies to the media in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner.Autodeadline provides the added bonus of being open to the public, with a non-media mailing list sign-up for interested public users – including potential buyers and fleet managers.

Autodeadline is the most important media resource for the industry for a variety of reasons:

  • Images are downloadable in a resolution suitable for reproduction
  • The aggregate model provides media with multiple sources of information and becomes a valuable one stop tool in their news gathering
  • Autodeadline is the 'Go To' website for all media to source information on the automotive industry.
  • Autodeadline has over 900 registered Deadline Network media users with access to your press material.
  • Autodeadline pro-actively increases press release distribution lists by publicising the site as a media resource to the general media including major metropolitan, suburban and regional publications as well as offering access to each registrant to the Deadline network.
  • All new material added to Autodeadline is announced to registered users via email alerts and RSS feeds, ensuring the media are alerted to new information without inboxes getting clogged with huge files or attachments.

All Autodeadline clients can tailor specific categories to suit their business such as product line up, contact details and a link back to the public site.

One monthly service fee covers all costs including press release and image uploads, alerts, web site housing, support and maintenance.

Autodeadline Site Features at a Glance
Autodeadline is one of the most advanced media resources available in Australia and Wieck is proud to highlight some of the benefits it offers.

  • Client sections of the site individually branded and customised   
  • All material posted onto Autodeadline announced with an email alert and RSS feeds
  • Password protected aggregate media site – protecting images, video & audio
  • 24/7 access for registered users
  • Automatic access to almost 900 existing Deadline Network media users
  • Lightbox/Basket
  • Media Kits
  • Downloadable high-res images
  • Downloadable broadcast-Quality Video and audio
  • 24/7 technical and editorial support
  • RSS Feeds
  • Security of your Digital Assets
  • Comprehensive Site Reports
  • Easy Delivery of Media Information to Autodeadline
  • Public access mailing list sign-up

Site Features in Detail

Brand Specific Categories
Clients can customise the categories of their section of Autodeadline. This gives them the ability to incorporate categories that are unique to their brand, such as motor sport or special events as well as individual product line-ups.
Autodeadline is also flexible enough to add or remove categories depending on the need. If a brand sponsors a major event and needs a dedicated category for a short period of time, Autodeadline can meet those needs.

Email Alerts
Autodeadline provides registered users email notifications of any new content added to the site. Alerts are tailored to the users approved access to Autodeadline. If a user only has access to a particular brand they will only receive media alerts from that brand. Users also have the option of receiving their email instantly, daily or weekly. Since 96% of Australian media prefer to be notified of PR material via email, this is a vital feature for reaching media.

Password Protected Aggregate Media Site
While open to the public, Autodeadline is password protected at the point of download to ensure only authorised users can access copyrighted material.
It enables the media to have a timesaving, one-stop resource for information. Our experience shows that if you make it easier for these power users to get media information, it becomes a vital tool in their daily workflow.

24/7 Access for Registered Users
Autodeadline is online, so all information provided is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Automatic Access for Deadline network Users
Wieck's have linked Autodeadline, Autodeadline, Racedeadline and Truckdeadline together to make it easier for journalists in similar industries to access related material. Media are able to access Autodeadline from Deadline Network sites and vice versa.

Users, once registered and logged into the site, can create their own custom 'Lightbox' by gathering stories, images and even video from all areas of the site to review their selection before downloading or emailing the links.

Public Mailing List
Public users of the site will have the opportunity to join the mailing list for notification of new material being added to the site. This will not give access to image or video downloads.

Media Kits
Autodeadline can offer clients the ability to post complete Media Kits with stories, technical specifications and images linked together under the Press Kit banner.
Users have the ability to access all related material on a particular model or event under one heading to quickly and easily review this information rather than having to draw together related data from disparate parts of the site.

Downloadable high-res images
Users have the ability to download high-resolution images for reproduction in print media or low-resolution images that are more suitable for web-based media outlets. These images are also linked to the supporting article.

Broadcast-quality video and audio
Autodeadline can offer its clients true broadcast-quality video downloads.
Aside from the obvious benefits of providing television media with the ability to download content, dealer networks would have the opportunity to download clips of product and corporate information and make their own DVD's for point-of-sale demonstrations.
Low-resolution 'streaming' video is also downloadable for web-based media. Audio clips can also be hosted on the site for downloaded by registered users.  Anything from corporate announcements to press conferences can be made available to electronic media for use in their news bulletins. Audio clips can also be made available for media who are unable to attend media events enabling them to accurately quote comments made at these announcements.

24/7 Support
Wieck staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - by calling 1300 669 390, you will be connected with a member of our staff that can assist you with your inquiry at any time of the day or night.

Security of Digital Assets
Autodeadline has the ability to block users from certain information on the site depending on their login credentials.  Client users will only have access to that client's information.  This also means client information cannot be downloaded by other brands.

Comprehensive Site Reports
Autodeadline offers a detailed analysis of site activity. We will provide reports what information has been accessed and downloaded. Our site reports are not simply raw statistics. Instead we provide evaluative reports enabling you to better gauge how effective your media messages are.

Easy Delivery of Media Information to Autodeadline
Clients will have the ability to provide its press material to Autodeadline by a variety of methods designed to suit the workflow their staff. We offer our clients the choice of email, a web-based upload form or FTP access to our servers.

About Wieck
Established in 1991 by veterans of United Press International, Wieck Media aimed to fill the growing need for timely, precise delivery of digital images to news outlets.
In 2005, Wieck began Australasian operations with a team trained by Australia's leading media empires and experienced in public relations.
Today, Wieck uses leading-edge compression and editing techniques, advanced web technologies and searchable databases to keep up with the changing world of digital media — but it's Wieck's unmatched editorial experience that makes clients and their audiences breathe easier when deadlines are near.
Drawing upon decades of experience, Wieck's seasoned management team leads a talented, dedicated staff that delivers unmatched customer satisfaction.
Wieck specialises in building, populating and maintaining media-friendly Online Newsrooms that give editors fast access to print-friendly and broadcast-ready digital assets.
Unlike other software or in-house applications, Wieck solutions never require significant IT staff support, so clients can be sure that Wieck will enhance their capabilities without taxing their resources.

Our newsrooms comply with the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) to enable access for users of all abilities.