The Cross Country shares the new V70 2.4T low-pressure turbocharged engine developing a maximum of 147kW at 6000rpm. The engine has been improved for the new V70 with CVVT (continuously variable valve timing) technology for cleaner tailpipe outputs and smoother idle quality.

Many of the reciprocating parts in the ‘Revised N’ engine have been reduced in mass and size. Pistons, gudgeon pins and crankshaft counterweights are lighter, thereby reducing movement mass in the engine by about 25 percent. This reduces engine vibration and noise as well as improving throttle response. Noise is further suppressed from entering the cabin by additional sound-proof insulation at the firewall.

The 2435cc all-aluminum engine is tuned to develop maximum low-rpm torque. Peak torque of 285Nm is reached at 1800rpm and holds steady to 5000rpm making the Cross Country particularly easy to drive in all conditions.

The engine is responsive to subtle throttle inputs with impressive drivability on all types of roads.

The Cross Country impressively accelerates from zero to 100km/h in 8.6 seconds (manual) and 9.0 seconds (automatic).

Volvo claims fuel consumption in urban driving of 11.0L/100km city and 7.9L/100km highway with manual gearbox and 8.0/11.2 with the five-speed automatic. It marks substantially better fuel efficiency than its direct rivals, and reinforces Volvo’s goal of reducing its vehicle’s average fuel consumption by a quarter by the year 2008, as compared with 1995.

Overall, the all-wheel-drive Cross Country provides the driving performance buyers expect from a car with the presence and all-road abilities of a traditional 4WD wagon.

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