Volvo's long-awaited C70 convertible is a sleek highway and high street cruiser without the cramped inconvenience of a 'boy racer' cockpit. This stylish addition to the C70 range is designed for those who truly enjoy the finer things. This is a car for people who want to stand out, and have fun while they're doing so.

Four adults can luxuriate on board in unashamed opulence. This vehicle doesn't discriminate against those who ride in the back — nor against those with children who want to include the freedom of top-down motoring in their lifestyle.

C70 offers buyers many opportunities to express their individual taste. The vehicle's interior, for example, is available with the rich warmth of walnut highlights, the solid visual impact of black marble effect, or the architectural elegance of patterned aluminium.

The supremely comfortable, orthopedically designed seats may be trimmed in all-leather, leather/Alacantra or leather/textile combinations — all in a variety of colours. Of course, a leather-clad steering wheel is standard equipment.

A choice of thirteen exterior colours can be matched with any of seven available alloy wheel designs, in 16, 17 and even 18 inch diameters.

The new C70 convertible is a stunningly beautiful vehicle — but not at the expense of practicality. The twin-wall soft-top, for example, is available in four colours. It is also ingeniously simple to operate. Pressing a single button is all that's required, and the fully automated roof retracts and is fully concealed in well under 30 seconds.

And unlike many convertibles, C70's rear screen is glass. That means it will stay free of scratches indefinitely. It also offers the full functionality of an embedded electric demister. All four side windows are, naturally, electrically operated. They can also be lowered or raised together at the touch of a single button.

The C70 Convertible is much more than just a vehicle to be seen in. The leading, 13-speaker Dolby Surround ProLogic in-car audio system ensures the C70 Convertible is a vehicle in which buyers will be both seen and heard.

This car brings true concert hall performance to open top motoring. The speakers — including the twin 9-inch subwoofers behind the rear seats — were developed in collaboration with Dynaudio of Denmark, one of the world's top loudspeaker manufacturers. The system even features a unique automatic volume control that adjusts seamlessly to the speed of the car.

Prestige and performance are synonymous with the new C70 Convertible. The lineup features two leading microprocessor-controlled five cylinder turbocharged and intercooled engines. For steamroller-like torque delivery, the low-pressure-turbocharged 142kW 2.4T will more than meet the expectations of many buyers. But for outright performance, the class-leading 176kW T5 will propel the C70 from rest to 100km/h in just eight seconds.

Safety and style, flair and fundamentals. That's what the new C70 convertible is all about. And at GST-adjusted prices, the new luxury open top motoring benchmark is offered from just $92,488.

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