• Visually striking SUV from Volvo shows the future of Scandinavian car design
  • World's most powerful and cleanest 7-seat prestige SUV
  • A high-tech reinterpretation of the user interface
  • World-first safety and convenience features
  • First car on Volvo Cars' new Scalable Product Architecture

Since the unveiling last August in Stockholm, the All-New Volvo XC90 has been attracting a great deal of attention thanks to its stunning design, innovative powertrain programme and redefinition of the connected incar control experience.

"The All-New XC90 represents the future of Volvo Cars. It is the first step in our product renewal plan and reflects our commitment to deliver a new kind of luxury car experience. The All-New XC90 is a result of tireless research and innovation made possible by a substantial investment. We are delighted to see that it has been so well received," said H+â-Ñkan Samuelsson, President & CEO, Volvo Car Group.

The new face of Volvo

Combining a distinctive and confident face, complete with the updated Volvo Iron Mark and the signature 'Thor's Hammer' headlights, the All-New XC90's connection to Volvo's past and homage to the Swedish lifestyle are entirely evident in the new design language.

"We have focused on the celebration of elegance, space and wellbeing in the design of the All-New XC90. Every detail is thought through - from the uncluttered console and large tablet-like touchscreen interface to the handmade crystal Orrefors gear knob in our Twin Engine version. We have focused on creating a new expression of luxury, simplicity and digital craftsmanship that delivers a unique and calming experience," said Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President, Design.

Strength of character

Taking the best of Volvo's innovative safety systems and adding to that list, the All-New XC90 comes fully equipped with the IntelliSafe package as standard, delivering two world firsts - Run-off Road Protection and Auto Brake at Intersections.

"We look at real-life accident statistics and study real crash scenes with our Traffic Accident Research Team. We do not develop new safety systems or features to pass tests - we develop them to save lives. This is why we can confidently aim to meet our Vision 2020 goal of having no one killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car. We believe we have developed the safest SUV," said Dr Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President Research & Development at Volvo Car Group.


Thanks to the efficient performance delivered by Volvo's 4-cylinder Drive-E engine programme, the All-New XC90 provides a broad range of power options.

"Our Drive-E 4-cylinder engines deliver a wide band of power for the All-New XC90 in petrol and diesel all-wheel drive configurations. In addition, we are introducing our no compromise Twin Engine technology in the All-New XC90 T8, which delivers 295 kW and only 59 g CO2/km. It makes the All-New XC90 T8 the most powerful and cleanest prestige SUV on the market," said Dr Peter Mertens.

The introduction of Twin Engine technology in the All-New XC90, which was developed in cooperation with Siemens, sets a new benchmark in terms of efficient performance in the luxury SUV segment. Volvo Cars has a long history of electrification - the first hybrid concept car (the ECC) was produced back in 1992. Volvo Cars introduced the world's first diesel plug-in hybrid in the V60 sports wagon in 2011.


Volvo Cars has developed brand new ride and handling characteristics for the All-New XC90 in Volvo's new state-of-the-art chassis simulation lab. The results speak for themselves. The All-New XC90 delivers a smooth yet nimble character in the city, an engaging drive on country lanes and a comfortably solid presence on the highway.

"The brief I gave to the chassis team during the development work was to deliver a driving experience that you might call 'Relaxed Confidence'. The All-New XC90 chassis is designed to cater for individual driving styles in all road and weather conditions thanks to the Four Corner Active Air Suspension system we have developed," said Dr Peter Mertens.

The intuitive touch

Featuring a complete re-imagination of traditional in-car controls, the All-New XC90 driver interface is based on touchscreen technology and an intuitively tiled menu system that takes the effort out of personalisation and interaction. Volvo's Sensus control system delivers true connectivity with a range of useful cloud-based applications and services that can be operated via the touchscreen, through steering wheel controls or via the advanced on-board voice control system.

"We have created a prestige SUV with thought-through safety and convenience features, true luxurious comfort, solid and adaptable drive settings and stunning Scandinavian design. The All-New XC90 is just the start.

Within the next four years, we will have replaced every car in our portfolio and the All-New XC90 will then be the oldest car in the Volvo Cars showroom," concluded H+â-Ñkan Samuelsson.

Volvo Car Group in 2013-2014

For the 2013 financial year, Volvo Car Group recorded an operating profit of 1,919 MSEK (66 MSEK in 2012). Revenue over the period amounted to 122,245 MSEK (124,547 MSEK), while net income amounted to 960 MSEK (-542 MSEK). Global retail sales for the year amounted to 427,840 (421,951) cars, an increase of 1.4 per cent compared to 2012. The operating profit was the result of cost control and strong sales and was further tangible proof of Volvo Car Group's progress in implementing its transformation plan. For the full year 2014, global sales reached 465,866 cars, an increase of 8.9 per cent versus 2013. Full year financials for 2014 will be announced during the first quarter of 2015.

About Volvo Car Group

Volvo has been in operation since 1927. Today, Volvo Cars is one of the most well-known and respected car brands in the world with sales of 465,866 in 2014 in about 100 countries. Volvo Cars has been under the ownership of the Zhejiang Geely Holding (Geely Holding) of China since 2010. It formed part of the Swedish Volvo Group until 1999, when the company was bought by Ford Motor Company of the US. In 2010, Volvo Cars was acquired by Geely Holding.


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