Starting with a bodyshell that is more than 50 percent more rigid than before, the new Cross Country competently conquers the city as well as the roads not often taken. Volvo has defined the character of the second-generation Cross Country with improved driving ability on all types of roads.

The Cross Country is much more than a ‘lifted’ V70. The independent suspension front and rear has been tuned for ultimate control on bitumen and corrugation and everything in between.

The Cross Country is rugged and ready for almost anything. The dark protected front, ‘check’ pattern grille, higher ride height, wide front mudguards covering tall 16-inch wheels wrapped with 215/65 tyres outwardly distinguish the Cross Country as the robust brother to the V70.

The Cross Country wears its big wheels comfortably. The steering is responsive and calm, unlike big 4WDs, and the chassis is remarkably balanced at higher driving speeds. The Cross Country, in this regard, is completely car-like, lacking the sluggish chassis response common to heavier utility-derived 4WDs.

Underneath, there is more airspace between belly and bull dust. The Cross Country sits 209mm above the ground (in part due to its tall wheel and tyre combination) yet it still has a relatively low centre of gravity and retains excellent on-road handling characteristics.

Overall height of 1562mm is more than 191mm taller than the V70 without roof racks (1371mm). Width measures 1860mm as compared to the V70 at 1804mm. Because the Cross Country carries unique front and rear bumpers, it is more than 23mm longer (4733mm overall) than the V70 at 4710mm.

Large areas of the bodywork are covered with durable polypropylene overskins to protect the bodywork from stones and brush. These dark coloured panels also give the Cross Country a distinctive look.

The engine and underbody is protected from the elements by a thick aluminium protective plate to guard against rocks and debris. An optional sump guard provides additional protection for the engine oil sump and transmission.

The Cross Country and the Cross Country SE come standard with roof rails which are reinforced with double central mounts. Cross bars are standard on the Cross Country SE. This arrangement can be used to hold a range of Volvo accessories such as bike racks, enclosed luggage boxes, as well as surf boards and canoes/kayaks.

Inside, the edges of the roof and the window pillars are padded to prevent injury in a collision or when travelling on poorly maintained dirt roads.

The front-seat passenger is provided with an additional grab-handle which is mounted to the centre console.

The carpet and upholstery is durable, and the leather has thick, visible stitching inspired from sail seams to give the Cross Country’s interior a robust look.

By nature of its V70 origins the Cross Country interior is familiar in that its design is completely in keeping with the V70. There are easily accessed pockets and bins: a pocket at each front door, centre console stowage box, three cupholders with one neatly retracting into the fascia, and a sizeable glovebox.

Seventy percent of the Cross Country bodyshell is galvanised with a thick coat of zinc to improve corrosion protection.

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