• Volvo Car Australia launches with C30 LE & C30 T5
  • C30 S & C30 D5 (diesel) to arrive late 2007
  • Five-cylinder engines across four-model C30 range
  • On-sale in late April
  • Comfortably seats four adults
  • 75 percent of C30 buyers will be new to Volvo
  • Annual global sales target of 65,000
  • Best-in-class safety

Volvo Car Australia today announces pricing for its C30 four-model range. The new compact C30 is a remarkable departure from the 'traditional' Volvo mindset, and as a result, Volvo anticipates that three of every four C30 buyers will have not owned a Volvo in past.

Perhaps more significant, the C30 will attract buyers from two disparate demographics: the young metro-ites whose lifestyle includes a wide variety of activities and the empty nester whose downsizing.

Both groups share common ground in their want for a car with the versatility to adapt to their busy lives. The C30 does exactly that.

It easily and comfortably seats four adults; yet in a matter of seconds the rear seats fold down to transform the C30's interior into a small wagon with remarkable room to carry everything from bicycles to boxes.

Size and weight are positive factors to the C30's appeal. The three-door C30 is 200mm shorter than the S40 sedan, and the C30 is also significantly lighter. To this combination add Volvo's range of responsive five-cylinder engines: 125kW 2.4-litre naturally aspirated, 162kW 2.5-litre T5 turbocharged, and 132kW (350Nm) D5 turbodiesel and the C30 promises class-exceeding performance.

Against direct competitors which spruik themselves as performance compacts, the C30 range will find them lacking.

"We are clearly positioning the C30 as an exciting, fun and rewarding drive," said Alan Desselss, Managing Director of Volvo Car Australia.

Range of engines for Australia

  Configuration Output kW Torque Nm
Petrol engines
T5 (2.5 litres) Inline 5-cyl turbo 162 320
2.4i (2.4 litres) Inline 5-cyl 125 230
Diesel engine
D5 (2.4 litres) Inline 5-cyl turbo 132 350

C30 range pricing for Australia

C30 S - $34,450 (five-speed manual)
C30 S - $35,950 (five-speed automatic)
C30 LE - $38,450 (five-speed manual)
C30 LE - $39,950 (five-speed automatic)
C30 T5 - $42,450 (six-speed manual)
C30 T5 - $43,950 (five-speed automatic)
C30 D5 - $42,450 (six-speed manual)
C30 D5 - $43,950 (five-speed automatic)

Volvo Car Australia will introduce the C30 to market in late April, initially with the C30 LE and C30 T5. Following later in 2007 are the entry-model C30 S and diesel-powered C30 D5.

The C30 D5 is equipped standard with a CDPF self-regenerating particulate filter.