Choice of light-pressure or high-boost turbo power and WHIPS Whiplash Protection

The long awaited C70 Convertible will make its debut in Australia during September 1999. Such has been the demand for the Convertible in the USA that introduction of the right-hand drive version had to be repeatedly postponed.

New choice of power for both variants

Until now, the only power unit available for the C70 Coupe has been the 2.3 litre high boost turbo unit developing 176 kW and 330 Nm.

This is now joined by the new light-pressure turbo 2.4 litre unit which places the emphasis on low and mid-range responsiveness, rather than all out top end power. It develops 142 kW and 270 Nm.

This engine is also appearing in the S70 T and V70T. It features lighter reciprocating masses which reduce internal friction and power losses. It is an exceptionally smooth and responsive unit ideally suited to the sporting character of the Coupe and Convertible.

Both engines offer dramatic performance with outstanding refinement.

Official factory test figures obtained in Europe (with manual transmissions)

Variant 0-100 km/h Max speed
Coupe \* 7.8 sec 230 km/h
Coupe\*\* 6.9 sec 250 km/h
Convertible\* 8.5 sec 220 km/h
Convertible\*\* 7.5 sec 230 km/h
\* light pressure turbo
\*\* high boost turbo

New safety protection against side and rear impacts

Both coupe and convertible incorporate the new larger side airbags introduced in 1999 to provide more extensive protection for the head and chest in the event of a side impact.

In line with all 2000 model Volvos, the C70 Coupe and Convertible feature Volvo's award-winning Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS). This causes the seat backrest to tilt 15' degrees rearwards in the event of a rear end shunt to minimise body movement and reduce rebound forces which are believed to be the cause of most whiplash injuries.

Outsize front brakes

In line with its sporting performance, the C70 Coupe features the same massive 16" (302mm) diameter front discs as used in the V70R.

The C70 Convertible - open air luxury for four

The C70 Convertible offers the same accommodation, luxury and fittings as the Coupe with four plushly upholstered seats and a magnificent Dolby surround sound system of concert hall quality.

When the driver is alone, a wind deflector fits over the rear seats to prevent buffeting.

With the top up, the lines of the Convertible are almost the same as the Coupe's. Top down and it disappears completely into the body leaving the elegant lines in open form unspoiled.

In the event of a possible rollover, the Roll Over Protection System (ROPS), comprising two U-shaped hoops, pops up as sensors indicate it may be needed. Combined with heavily strengthened A-pillars, seat belt pre-tensioners and front and side airbags, and WHIPS whiplash protection system, the Convertible provides the standard of safety expected from a Volvo .

Prices take GST into account

There has been no increase in the price structure of the C70 Coupe and the full reduction resulting from GST has been incorporated.

The price of the Convertible (based on manual transmission) is $92,488 for the low-boost turbo and $102,490 for the high-boost version.