Lights on the Hill

Our Mission
Lights on the Hill Trucking Memorial Incorporated is committed to providing a Memorial to support and remember members of the Australian transport industry who have lost their lives so they can be honoured and remembered forever more.

History of the wall
The name of the memorial originates from the famous Slim Dustry song 'Lights on the Hill'. Before Slim passed away, he and his wife Joy agreed to let the organisation use the name 'Lights on the Hill' for the Gatton memorial and became patrons of the memorial. We would like to thank the family of the late Slim Dusty for their continued support and look forward to them attending our events in the future.

The memorial itself has a section for the sponsors and patrons who's donations and efforts made the memorial happen and we would like to thank them for assisting us to honour the memories of the drivers and passengers who adorn the memorial.

The Stage One Memorial
The Stage One Memorial was fashioned after the front view of a truck seen at distance – grill, rounded guards, lights and cabin. The materials used in its construction were very carefully chosen for their symbolic value. The materials and their meaning are as follows:

Helidon Sandstone
As a local material, the sandstone represents the fact that many of the people in the trucking community are the people next door, relatives and friends. The irregular shapes of the stones symbolises that no two are identical, and yet together they all work to get the job done.

Darwin Brown Granite
Whilst this material is quarried outside of Queensland, it was chosen as it represents the vast distance that many drivers travel, and in doing so bring people and communities together in their wake. The colour of the Darwin Brown Granite is also a symbol of the rich character that is unique within the trucking community.

The use of bronze plaques for the individual names on the memorial is to symbolise the strengths of mateship relied upon during times of adversity and hardship.

Stages Two and Three
The committee completed stage two and three during 2014 which saw the Eastern entrance and the wall itself become safer and more wheelchair friendly. The sandstone blocks which originally held the names of drivers were replaced with the new walls which envelope the tiled entrance way onto the memorial. The outer perimeter of the wall was made safer with stainless steel barrier and more sandstone wall which can house the names of drivers for many years to come.

Work will continue over the next year at the site implement gardens around the wall and the introduction of a brick paved walkway through the garden. The committee hopes to have this next stage completed in 2015.

General meetings are held on the 2nd Sunday of every 3rd month. All financial members are welcome to attend to contribute to the everyday running of the organisation.