Subaru enthusiasts have leapt at the opportunity to secure a limited-edition 2024 Subaru WRX Club Spec, resulting in a complete sell-out of the 150 examples produced for the Australian market.

The model, which officially went on sale on Thursday 21st of March, arrives in the 30th year of the iconic WRX nameplate and features exclusive styling and performance-honed components to elevate the driving experience.

Subaru Australia’s General Manager, Scott Lawrence, said: “The immensely positive reception of the WRX Club Spec special edition is truly outstanding and deserving. Its quick sell-out is a clear indication of the enduring passion for the WRX in Australia.

“We’re absolutely delighted that 150 Australians will have the opportunity to enjoy this unique model for years to come.”

For more information contact:

Adriana Saviane

Public Relations Manager

Subaru Australia

Mobile: +61 484 250 694