• 34 early Australian number plates
  • Three double-digit plates
  • 'Lucky' and 'birthday' Victorian plates

Early double and triple-digit number plates from New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland are expected to command the big money as the stars of the 34 early Australian numerical number plates offered in Shannons Autumn Online Auction from May 23-30.

The NSW black and white plate '31' may end up as the best-selling lot of the auction's 240-plus lots, with Shannons expecting it to change hands for $1.4-$1.8 million.

Challenging it will be the early Victorian number plate '52' which has been in the hands of its vendor since the 1984 Shannons auction and will be sold for an estimated $1.3-$1.6 million with a miniature plate from that Auction.

Meanwhile, the early Queensland number plate '51' is expected to command $650,000-$750,000.

Of the six three-digit plates offered  the auction, the NSW plate '337' is expected to sell for $250,000-$300,000, as is NSW '421`, while the estimate for NSW '749' is $200,000-$260,000.

The Victorian three-digit plate '535' is expected to top them at $480,000-$530,000, as is VIC '724'($450,000-$500,000).

Because of its uniqueness and rarity, the three-digit Queensland Q-plate 'Q368' is expected to sell in the $100,000-$150,000 range.

The highlight of the 13 four and five digit plates is perhaps '91,111'which is expected to see heavy bidding from Porsche 911 owners in the $100,000-$180,000 range while the right to display each of the sequence of six-digit Victorian plates from '100,020' to '100.090' is expected to sell for $40,000-$60,000.

Other four-digit plates likely to attract solid bidding include the numerically attractive VIC '7.799' ($200,000-$300.00); VC'3171' and the 'birthday' plate '2010'(each $200,00-$300,000); '8154' ($120,000--$220,000); the Victorian Bicentennial plate '1920' (130,000-$160,000); and the 'lucky' Victorian plate '13.888' ($100,000-$80.000).

Of the NSW four-digit plates, '8678' is expected to sell in the 150,00- $250,00 range '
'8757' and '4213' for $140,000-$200,000 each; and '8180', '4102', '4004' and '1763' for $150,000-$200,000 apiece.

To view all Shannons May 23-30 online Autumn auction, visit www.shannons.com.au

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