• 47 special-release numeric plates from NSW, VIC and QLD
  • Vic '80'expected to sell for $1.5-$2 million
  • Many 'lucky' numeric plate combinations

Rare automotive car number plates are expected to be amongst the standout performers in Shannons Timed Online Summer Auction from February 21-28.

Like Classic cars, early black and white numerical number plate values have soared during the post-COVID period, achieving record sale prices, with Shannons consistently achieving top prices during its timed 2021 and 2022 online classic auctions.

The inclusion of 47 Heritage numeric plates in Shannons Summer Classic Auction – 30 of them from the Department of Transport in NSW– continues a long tradition of exclusive annual plate releases and provides the opportunity for enthusiasts to purchase incredibly hard to find handpicked combinations through Shannons Auctions.

Shannons first 2023 auction is expected to continue the trend, with the highest value lot expected to be the Victorian Heritage plate '80' that has a price projection of $1.5-$2 million, perhaps trebling the expected price for a restored 1971 Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase III that is the auction's hero classic vehicle.

As well as being one of just nine round number two-digit plates issued in Victoria, the 'lucky' numeral '8' in '80' will ensure it attracts significant interest from Australia's Asian community in the lead-up to Chinese New Year, making it will an ideal present or reward..

Amongst other very desirable plates on offer is the hallowed New South Wales V8 plate '327' ($200-000- $300,000), designating the engine capacity of the then-new GTS 327 Holden Monaros that finished first and second in the 1968 Sandown Six Hour endurance race at Melbourne's Sandown Park, then went on to win and place second, third and fifth in the following Hardie-Ferodo 500 endurance race at Bathurst.

The equally-hallowed Victorian plate '302' referring to the V8 engines fitted to the XR Ford Falcon GT model that won the 1967 Bathurst race, as well the V8 engine fitted to many Mustangs models, past and current, is also on offer. It is expected to sell for $500,000-$550,000.

Porsche owners will be attracted to the Victorian Heritage plate '968' ($400,00-$500.00) for the company's last front-engined sports car. Or, if you are the owner of a current-model 911, 'NSW 9911 ($150,000-$250,000), or 'NSW 992' $200,00-$300,00) representing the current model designation, are obvious choices.

Enthusiasts interested in catchy number plates will be looking at the NSW plates '81118', '82828', '3322', '7667', '50,000' or '289982', while Victorians wishing to stand out will be bidding for '114.115' ($40,000-$60,000) and 9.696' ($200,00-$300,00).

From Queensland, there are the numeric plates 'Q26080', 'Q2711', 'Q1079' and the desirable two-digit 'Q74', the latter expected to command the highest price of the quartet at $600,000-$750,000.

And, if you are hoping that this year will be a better one, the New South Wales plate '2.023' could be an ideal way to embrace the New Year or welcome a new model car to your garage if you have a spare $150,000-$250,000.

To view all auction lots, visit www.shannons.com.au To talk to a Shannons Auction Team member directly, call the 1300 078 500.