Australia' appetite for Heritage black and white numerical number plates continues unabated at Shannons 40th Anniversary Timed Online Auction from 23-30 November, with 18 Victorian and New South Wales examples amongst the record 222 lots.

The most valuable single plate in the auction is the original NSW plate '96', which  has been held in the one family for more than 100 years.
Offered by the son of the plate's original owner, the '1915 Holderness Motorist Guide' show that it was fitted to a 30HP Daimler purchased from the NSW Railways.

At that time in early 1910-20s, only one plate was issued in NSW and some years later the car's owner was required to fit a second plate to the rear of the car, which in this case was made out of timber.

At the time when a punt carried cars from Millers Point to Milsons Point prior to the opening of the Harbour Bridge, care bearing the NSW plates '95', '96' and '97' were at one time seen in sequential order on the water, purely by chance.

Following the Daimler, the plate '96' has graced a Studebaker, numerous Fords, a few Holdens, Jaguars and, most recently, a Porsche. Being a very visible part of early NSW history, it is expected to sell in the $680,000-$780,000 range, but its long term ownership and history could see it attract more.  

Meanwhile, the three-digit NSW plate in the auction – '322' – is expected to sell for $170,000-$200,000.

Victorian number plates make up 13 of the 18 numerical number plate lots, with VIC-413, 442 and 485 each expected to sell for $150,000-$200,000.

The plates Vic-665 and 813 are each expected are to sell for $120,000-$200,000,  while the 'birthday' plate Vic-1-994 has a guiding range of $60,000-$120,000, and is expected to be sought after by bidders.

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