Peugeot is increasing the appeal and exclusivity of its popular RCZ Sports Coupé - the source of dreams and sensation. Sensuous and sleek, sporty and elegant, its new style promotes its power and fluidity, strength and refinement, and affirms its distinctive singularity in the Peugeot range. Its richness of expression is greatly increased by an extended range of colour and material combinations, both to exterior and interior, which will allow each customer to construct 'their own' RCZ. This increase in emotional power will continue next year with a 1.6 THP 260bhp version with enhanced sportiness, previewed by the 'RCZ R Concept' unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. 

Emotional genesis

Potential for seduction
The concept car unveiled at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show triggered a great response and the decision to give it commercial life was soon taken.

In April 2010, the RCZ dream became reality, in just over two years, due to the determination, boldness and expertise with the Peugeot project team.

Therefore, the RCZ fully embodies the new signature of Peugeot: MOTION & EMOTION. It is the most visible expression of the Marque's expertise:

- Expertise with its 'Design Style' - with a very strong design;
- Expertise in producing 'High Quality' products with its exclusive and 'top-of-the-range' positioning;
- Expertise with its 'Dynamic' standards of combined ride and handling and excellent road holding.

Acknowledged emotional power
So, the RCZ has already created a desirable following with strong sales, positive road tests, and achievements in Motor Sport.

It has won numerous awards from the public and the specialist press, in various countries, for its design, its desirability and its performance.

Adapted for competition from 2010 with a 200bhp HDi FAP diesel engine, it has twice won the D1T category (1700 to 2000 cc diesel) at the 24 Hours Nürburgring. In 2012, Peugeot Sport is launching the RCZ Racing Cup 1.6 THP petrol in a 'sprint' version with 250bhp and an 'endurance' version with 260 bhp.

In France and in Italy, a national championship gathers together approximately twenty vehicles. Other European countries are adopting it including Spain, Denmark and Germany where it again made its mark at the 24 Hours Nürburgring, this time in the SP2T category (petrol turbo less than 1600cc).

Increase in emotional power
In this very specific market segment of coupés, the 'Enthusiasts' of beautiful cars with a distinctive style identity, dynamic capability and sportiness, are also aware of innovation. They are looking for the latest, attractive creation around the radical coupé, so it is necessary to maintain a continuously renewed offer, following the constantly moving trend of this market. Strengthened by its success, less than three years after its commercial launch, the emblematic coupé of the Peugeot marque is adopting a new distinctive identity to embody more than ever the range enhancement and to embrace the MOTION & EMOTION signature of Peugeot. The new RCZ will go on sale during the 1st quarter of 2013.

Exterior and interior emotion

A fluid and powerful style
The rejuvenation of the RCZ can be seen first of all through its style. From the initial sketches, the intention was to give this new RCZ a modern style, even more exclusive and unique than the current range.

A completely new front face, sporty and flowing, fully emphasises the power of its rear wings and the sensuous curves of its 'double-bubble' roof. This new synergy between the front and rear gives the bodywork an entirely new expression…

The bonnet lines give the effect of being more compact, receiving, like other models in the Peugeot line-up, new dual material brilliant and satin marque emblem, affixed directly on the bodywork.

The central air intake, now subtle and elegant, is enlivened by two satin chrome bars, finely shaped like 'Samurai sword blades', provides the effect of strength and refinement.

This new grille is accentuated by a lower air intake which is extended on each side by a light signature, visible both day and night. This consists of 6 LEDs, subtly sculpted in the form of claws, behind a smoked lens which blends into the gloss black surround.

The new RCZ adopts an expression with flowing contours, both modern and technical, with new headlamps available in a halogen version with an Aluminium background or a directional Xenon version with a Titanium background.

The new appearance provides the RCZ with a new posture: well seated on its wheels, as if crouching and ready to leap over the tarmac, as well as having a unique identity, with a combination of enhanced power and sensuous expression.

An exclusive ambiance dedicated to the pleasure of the driver
The passenger compartment still instantly places the driver into a sporty and subtly elitist ambiance. The fluidity and pure style of the dashboard, fully covered with a soft texture, technical and enhancing, integrates perfectly into the distinctive world of this coupé. The use of upmarket materials combines with the elegance of the shapes to contribute to the atmosphere of the whole.

The interior has evolved to lift the perceived quality in the smallest details, in particular:

- the gear lever surround which is now lacquered black,
- the door trim pads are trimmed with leather inserts, linked with the Club Leather, Alcantara, Club Leather or Full Leather seats,
- two aluminium inserts adorn the join of the dashboard with the centre console on Club Leather or Full Leather options.

Real everyday practicality
The RCZ has always also been very practical, with a generous volume boot for its category, having a capacity of 384 litres, to which are added storage compartments under its floor (more than 30 litres extra). Folding the back of the two additional rear seats increases the maximum capacity of the vehicle to 760 litres.

Fashionable exclusivity
The rejuvenation of the RCZ is also expressed through its enriched personalisation range, consistent with its exclusive positioning, which allows each customer to create 'their own' vehicle character, making it a unique object reflecting their personality and sensibility.

Exterior customisation
The new RCZ has many personalisation components:

- A new lacquered black grille bars option, instead of the standard satin chrome bars, to give this new RCZ a different face;
3 arch colours: to the standard Aluminium and the existing Sand is added Matt Black;
- A new Black Pack groups together these new Matt Black arches and black grille bars with black brake calipers, black exterior mirrors, … components which are all also available separately;
3 new types of bodywork Decals: a wide gloss black central stripe crossing the vehicle, grey and red lateral stripes at the body sills bearing the word 'RCZ', a silver grey off-set stripe crossing the vehicle;
- Still 2 Carbon Roof options Matt or Gloss;

- 10 alloy wheels, including 2 new designs:

• the standard 18" wheels are available in 3 colours Classic (standard), Dark Grey (two-tone diamond/dark grey) or Full Pirit Grey (mid grey);
• the 19" Sortilège wheels are available in 3 colours Classic, Midnight Silver (dark grey), Matt Black Onyx;
• the 19" Solstice wheels are available in 2 colours, Anthra Grey (two-tone diamond/dark grey) or Matt Black Onyx (two-tone diamond/black)
• 2 new 19" wheels, Technical, two-tone diamond, original, modern and sculptural available in 2 colours Grey (dark grey) and Héphaïs (mid grey)

- A Sport Pack, standard on the THP 200bhp, includes the smaller diameter steering wheel, a shorter gear lever and the 'Sound System' feature for petrol engines.

Colours and trims
The range of colours consists of 8 colours, 2 of which are new. To the Opal White, Pearlescent White, Black Pearl, Mercury Grey, Haria Grey and Tuanake (Dolphin) Blue, are added Guaranja Brown (a chic dark brown) and Eritrea Red.

The new RCZ offers even more 'tailor-made' features with a choice of 12 interior trims:

- The textile Marston Weave Tramontane Black as standard;
- A new Half-Leather Textile, a combination of Mistral Nappa Leather (black) with the 3D Koto Grey weave and the Omni Mistral textile;
- A new choice Club Leather and Alcantara, available in 2 colours Mistral / Storm (Black and grey) or Cohiba / Matinal (shades of brown);
- The Club Nappa Leathers Frisson and Lama change to two-tone to visually reinforce the bucket appearance of the seats, following the example of the new two-tone leather Cohiba (brown). As for the Mistral Nappa Club Leather (black), this remains a staple;
- These four choices of Club Leather are also available in Full Leather with a dashboard and fittings entirely trimmed in leather.

Intact dynamic emotion and efficiency
With controlled weight, carefully designed aerodynamics and modern engine technology, the RCZ has established itself as an innovative synthesis of performance and respect for the environment.

Modern and ecological engines
Its range of efficient engines, as regards both performance (generous torque and power) and consumption and emissions of CO2, is carried forward:

- 2.0 l HDi FAP 120kW (163bhp) Euro 5, 340 Nm, 6-speed manual gearbox CO2: 139g/km and 5.3 l/100 km;
- 1.6 l THP 115kW (156bhp) Euro 5, 240Nm, 6-speed manual gearbox CO2: 149g/km and 6.4 l/100 km;
- 1.6 l THP 115kW (156bhp) Euro 5, 240Nm, 6-speed automatic gearbox CO2: 168g/km and 7.3 l/00 km
- 1.6 l THP 147kW (200bhp) Euro 5, 275Nm, 6-speed manual gearbox CO2: 155g/km and 6.7 l/100 km.

Driving sensations and precision
Expressing all of Peugeot's expertise in terms of road holding, the RCZ takes the requirement of driving with precision and obtaining sensations to the highest level for the Marque, to intensify all of the driver's senses.

It benefits from a tuned suspension and wheels originating from platform 2 (pseudo MacPherson front suspension, rear suspension with a deformable cross-member).

Increasing the effectiveness of this assembly, it has a particularly low ride height and centre of gravity, widened track and generous tyre choice (18" or 19" wheels).

The active rear aero spoiler also contributes to this performance, deployed in two positions according to the speed of the vehicle to ensure aerodynamics and stability.

Finally, when the RCZ is fitted with the THP 200bhp engine the front suspension incorporates a special lower bracing bar to enhance road handling, making it more agile and aiding cornering stability.

Sound System technology
The 'acoustic signature of the engine' has also been enhanced aided by 'Sound System' technology (standard on the THP 200 or with the optional Sport Pack option on the THP 156bhp with a manual gearbox). It amplifies the characteristic sound of the engine through a controlled diaphragm that resonates and the vibration noise is louder as the revs of the engine rise during acceleration, while being less pronounced with more regular driving.

An enriched range of equipment
In line with its exclusive and dynamic positioning, the new RCZ features an enhanced range of standard or optional equipment.

The RCZ has equipment and driving aids to make driving calmer and safer: intelligent traction control is incorporated with the ESP, Hill Start assistance (is standard), WIP Com 3D is a top-of-therange multimedia system, etc.

New standard or optional equipment
The new RCZ is now fitted as standard, with acoustic windscreen and a Visibility Pack consisting of automatic wipers, automatic headlamps, electrochromatic interior mirror, guide-me-home lighting and approach lighting on unlocking.

The telematic range WIP (World in Peugeot) is enriched with the WIP Nav Plus, in addition to the WIP Sound and the WIP Com 3D.

WIP Nav Plus incorporates numerous functions:

- Navigation with large 7" 6/9 screen (WVGA high resolution 800 x 480 pixels) offering a perspective view mode and a Europe map (stored in the internal memory);
- A CD player on the control panel, MP3 compatible;
- A three-tuner radio with 2 aerials, reception of RDS-TMC traffic info (ViaMichelin in France, TrafficMaster in the United Kingdom);
- A Bluetooth® connection for the hands-free telephone function and audio streaming;
- A Jack and USB socket in the central armrest;
- The current speed limit information for main roads.

Arkamys© audio processing
Another innovation offered on the RCZ, the WIP Sound and WIP Nav Plus systems now incorporate the Arkamys© software which processes the digital audio signal to recreate a natural sound stage.

The quality of the sound no longer suffers from the restrictions of the location of the speakers in the doors (which often results in sounds in the lower side areas): the instruments and voices are more harmoniously positioned in the space, facing the occupants, at windscreen level. This system also provides the option of directing the sound for the driver only or for all the passengers. The emergency call, always a step ahead In terms of tertiary safety, as a world first Peugeot deployed, in 2010, at no additional cost, on the entire RCZ range, the Peugeot Connect SOS (emergency call) and Peugeot Connect Assistance services.

These services, offered free of charge and without time limit, are available as standard on the 3 media systems: WIP Sound, WIP NAV Plus, due to the adoption of a located communication unit (BTA), and WIP Com 3D, via its SIM card reader.

The Peugeot Connect SOS service, of which the Marque is one of the pioneers and leaders in Europe, can be called on manually or automatically (if pyrotechnic components are triggered). It locates the vehicle precisely and triggers the dispatch of the appropriate emergency services for rapid assistance.

Launched in 2003, the Peugeot emergency call is currently available in more than 720,000 Peugeot vehicles on the road and has already assisted more than 5,800 people (figures at end of June 2012). Its geographical deployment has continued and it is now available in 12 European countries.

And for tomorrow… the RCZ R
Striving to be at the top of this exclusive, dynamic… and sporty character, the 'RCZ R Concept' is unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. In a matt black and copper livery it echoes another Concept Car unveiled at the show: notably the 'Onyx' supercar.

The 'RCZ R Concept' previews a future version of enhanced sportiness, which will be introduced into the range at the end of next year.

The sporting success and the passion aroused by the RCZ Racing Cup could not remain without a response for use off the track.

So, the Peugeot Sport and PSA Group Development teams are working together to adapt technology originating from the world of motor sport to make production and once again turn a dream into reality!

Its new 1.6 l THP 260bhp engine will make it the most powerful production model in Peugeot's history. A specific power of more than 160bhp/l, among the highest in the world for a production vehicle, and emissions of CO2 of approximately 155g/km, positions it in a range of new high efficiency.

Coherent with this engine, special suspension and wheels combined with a Torsen® limited slip differential promise dynamic and effective sensations of a very high level.

A special exterior signature and interior treatment will perfect this version with a high level of performance assured to offer intense driving sensations.