PERFORMAX International, Australia's leading importer and converter of premium American pick-ups and sports cars, will set the pace in more ways than one when it becomes title sponsor of the fast-growing Trans-Am 2 racing series this year.

The Performax Cup will be a six-round series starting at Winton in Victoria on 10-11 March for American muscle cars based on Ford Mustangs, Chev Camaros and Dodge Challengers.

Under their bodywork, the cars feature identical US-built tubular chassis and GM V8 engines producing 525 horsepower. With "control" specifications, TA2 cars put the emphasis on driving skill.

Trans-Am 2 Category Manager Craig Harris welcomed the partnership with Performax as a feather in the cap for the growing category.

"We're thrilled to announce the partnership with Performax and Trans-Am 2 as we expand to a national series in 2018," Harris said.

"Trans-Am 2 has proven to be a hit with racers and fans both young and old. They're loud, they're fast and the racing is spectacular.

"We look forward to working closely with the team at Performax to showcase their brand across the country."

Performax International Director Greg Waters said the company had a long history as a premium importer and converter of American muscle cars.

"That is the essential link in supporting Trans-Am 2 and Performax is delighted to become involved in this growing category," he said.

"Performax American pick-ups are the perfect tow-vehicle for drivers and we have a long and successful history of supporting teams involved in motorsport racing throughout Australia.

"Performax is looking forward to a mutually beneficial partnership and a successful 2018 season."