V8 Touring Car Series organisers today confirmed Kumho Tyres as control tyre supplier to the national-level category for ex-V8 Supercars until at least 2016.

The Korean tyre manufacturer has extended its contract in a new deal that will see it supply tyres over the next three seasons.

Kumho has supplied tyres to the series since it began in 2008 and will continue to provide on-track support at all rounds to competitors.

V8 Touring Car category Commercial Manager Rob Curkpatrick says the new deal is a win-win for the series and competitors.

"Kumho have been long-time supporters of what we have been trying to do with the V8 Touring Car category," he says.

"They've constantly listened to competitor feedback and worked hard to test and improve their product.

"We've had interest from other tyre companies under the tender process, though Kumho again had the best balance of price structure, performance and support."

Curkpatrick also confirmed the Kumho Series will continue to use 17-inch tyres, rather than move to 18-inch tyres as per other categories.

"We're really proud of our involvement with the V8 Touring Car Series and have taken great delight in watching it grow into effectively an unofficial third-tier of V8 Supercar racing," said Kumho Tyres Australia national marketing and training manager, David Basha.

"The blend of young emerging drivers coupled with some experienced veterans and the traditional Commodore and Falcon fight makes for an exciting mix. And the fact they are plying their trade on Kumho Tyres is ever better."

The Kumho Tyres Australian V8 Touring Car Series will shortly announce its six-round calendar for the 2014 season.

This year's final round will be held at Sandown in Melbourne on November 16-17.

Kumho recently announced the expansion of its research and development network with the opening of a state of the art R & D centre in South Korea with a 35,000 sq.m centre housing 600 staff in Yongin City which will serve as the hub of Kumho's global research and development network joining facilities in America, Germany and China.

Since its inception in 1960, Kumho Tyres has been a model of steady growth amid dramatic changes of the business landscape. Driven by innovation in management and technical development Kumho has become one of the top ten tyre companies in the world.

Over the past half-century Kumho Tyres has built the foundation for a sustainable company, which has thrived through a full range of business environments.

Kumho has succeeded in the development of superior tyres for all vehicles including high performance passenger cars, sports utility and 4X4, as well as trucks, buses, mining and even aircraft.

Kumho produces more than 68 million tyres annually with a massive research and development program which comprises more than 600 research personnel and 300 testing machines at proving grounds in South Korea, China, Europe and North America. Kumho leads the world with the latest in tyre technology, safety and performance.

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