A Kumho shod Formula 3 open wheeler has become quickest car ever around the famed Adelaide Parklands Circuit.

Local racer Simon Hodge set the blistering time of 1m 17.9726s on the seventh lap of the opening race of the 2014 Australian Formula 3 Championship - seven tenths of a second quicker than the previous record.

Hodge's Mygale Formula 3 car is powered by a 2.0L Mercedes engine with 230 horsepower.

The category demonstrates that lower powered, lightweight cars paired with a high grip slick tyre is the equation for a quick lap time.

Kumho is the control tyre supplier to Fomula 3 and is an integral part of the 'wings and slicks' concept in Australia.

According to record holder Simon Hodge, the Ecsta race tyre is an ideal match for the Formula 3 cars because of the abundance of grip it provides.

"These are great cars with great tyres. It's a really good combination," said Hodge.

"Looking back at the data it's amazing to see how late I was braking for the two hairpins - as late as 75 metres.

"The grip was amazing. The direction change through the chicane was in excess of 160-170 kilometres per hour and it just felt great," he said.

The South Australian won the round with a clean sweep of all three races but not without a strong challenge from Ben Gersekowski in the final.

Formula 3 is also holds the outright lap record at Queensland's Morgan Park and New South Wales' Wakefield Park - both set on Kumho tyres.

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