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HELLA Australia, the global leader in Original Equipment and aftermarket lighting technology, is proud to announce the selection of the HELLA LED Light Bar 470 as the preferred auxiliary lighting to equip the new Nissan N-TREK Warrior 4x4 ute.

Nissan engineers led by LCV Product Manager Matt Baily have worked with the product development and engineering team from Premcar in Melbourne and HELLA lighting engineers to turn a good vehicle with a strong heritage into an exceptional vehicle tailored for the 4WD enthusiast in our market.

The Nissan N-TREK Warrior project was kick-started under the watch of Nissan Australia Managing Director Stephen Lester, together with Director of Engineering for Premcar Bernard Quinn, to produce a sensible but comprehensive approach to fine tuning the Navara ute to be fully equipped for all requirements.

The compact HELLA LED Light Bar 470 incorporates the legendary expertise of HELLA optics that provide the performance of traditional round or rectangular auxiliary lights within a 528mm length light bar that contains 16 LEDs, weighs only 950 grams and is rated at 113,000 to 166,000 candela, depending on the optic variant. Developed for the special requirements of off-road vehicles, trucks, pick-ups and cars, due to its slim design it can be mounted in minimal spaces on all vehicles.

In position under the front grille air intake of the N-TREK Warrior, the 16 LEDs feature selectable optics and are available in pencil beam and driving beam with light projection of 415 metres and 325 metres with widths of 20 metres and 40 metres respectively (approximately).

For fitment to smaller areas the shorter HELLA LED Light Bar 350 has an overall length of 408mm.

Aftermarket buyers may choose from optics configured solely as driving beam, pencil beam, wide beam or narrow beam, dependent on preference and application.

Darren Robinson, Managing Director of HELLA Australia said "Nissan Australia's selection of the LED Light Bar 470 is a great testimony to the high performance of HELLA lighting.

The premium specification of the Navara N-TREK Warrior provides the discerning buyer with the best equipment available for safe driving."

HELLA LED Light Bars can be mounted as a single or dual unit with the appropriate HELLA stainless steel bracket and are available for aftermarket purchase from all good automotive accessory outlets.