• 20% lower rolling resistance reduces fuel consumption by up to 4%
  • Affordable premium quality offers dealers attractive margins

It is versatile, fuel-efficient, comfortable and affordable: the GT RADIAL CHAMPIRO ECO is one of a new generation of tyres that even meets the demands of price-conscious and environmentally aware drivers. GT RADIAL's new passenger car summer tyre combines best performance characteristics with low noise emissions and particularly low rolling resistance. The tyre for small and mid-size cars is available in 29 popular sizes in T and H speed ratings. It has been on sale in tyre stores since May 2010.

"We designed the CHAMPIRO ECO especially for the European market. It offers features that are normally only found in the premium segment," says Michael Andre, Marketing Director Passenger Car Tires at GITI Tire Europe. "Thanks to state-of-the-art production methods and its balanced overall characteristics, the CHAMPIRO ECO offers qualified tyre stores a good basis for attractive margins," adds Michael Andre.

CHAMPIRO ECO meets EU tyre directives 2012

Due to its innovative technology the CHAMPIRO ECO already meets EU tyre regulations that will come into effect in 2012. The "S" and "W" displayed on its side confirm that it undercuts the threshold for noise development (S) and traction in wet conditions (W). In the third EU category that evaluates rolling resistance and fuel consumption the CHAMPIRO ECO gets a preliminary C on a scale from A to G (measuring methodology still to be confirmed). This rating puts the new GT RADIAL tyre among Europe's very best. The new tread design reduces the CHAMPIRO ECO's rolling resistance by up to 20% compared to its predecessor model. Depending on vehicle and driving style, this reduces fuel consumption by up to 4% +óGé¼GÇ£ and the environment benefits from the low CO2 emissions.

T+â+ôV S+â+ôD Automotive tested the summer tyre

The tread's new silica-based compound reduces heat development and increases the tyre's wet properties. These characteristics give the GT RADIAL CHAMPIRO ECO better grip on dry and wet surfaces, very good handling and improved braking performance. CHAMPIRO ECO has been developed and tested in co-operation with T+â+ôV S+â+ôD Automotive, a long-standing testing partner to GT RADIAL. The GT Radial Champiro Eco is available in the following sizes:

155/65R13 195/70R14
175/65R13 185/65R15
165/65R14 205/60R15

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