Volkswagen fans have the chance to win a brand-new Golf GTI by partaking in the Golf AdBreak Championships, a digital racing game featuring the Mk8 Golf GTI, created as part of Volkswagen's new advertising campaign for the new Golf range.

Inviting players to escape the everyday and tap into their sense of adventure and fun, the Golf AdBreak Championships gives players a chance to experience the new generation of the iconic hatch, at a time when they need it the most: in the middle of an ad break.

Launching this weekend, the Golf AdBreak Championships will be included in the ad break of some of entertainment's most popular shows. While the gorilla-style campaign includes a quick call-to-action, there is plenty in the game to keep things interesting.

Available in two modes: Play Mode and Win Mode, consumers can customise their Golf GTI and select their preferred racetrack, from cityscapes to the outback.

In order to keep things simple, the Golf AdBreak Championships is an in-browser game and requires no application download.

Fans will have an opportunity to enter the draw to win a Golf GTI throughout the five-week campaign period, however the opportunity to take the new Golf GTI for a hot lap, digitally of course, is free and open to all.

"Play Mode" can be accessed at any time via the designated practice hub ( and encourages players to practice their skills and become familiar with the different racetracks.

"Win Mode" is launched during the Golf ad, via a QR code, and allows users to race each other for the remainder of the ad break. Each player is ranked on a leader board and those who achieve the qualifying time will go into the draw to win a brand-new Golf GTI.

The Golf AdBreak Championships will run for five weeks, commencing July 19th with the campaign appearing on all major television and sporting stations. Consumers can also interact with the activation outside of their living rooms, with the campaign live across a multitude of channels and platforms.

The Golf AdBreak Championships forms one aspect of Volkswagen's overall advertising campaign for the new Golf range: The Everyday Escape. The campaign encourages the break of monotony and routine of everyday life and transports consumers to a world of excitement.

The new Mk8 Golf Range is on sale now online and in dealerships nationwide. For more information, visit

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