Effective 1 January 2012, formula one tyre supplier Pirelli has appointed Australia's leading independent tyre distributor Tyres4U, as the new Pirelli truck & bus tyre distributor in Australia.

Both Pirelli, the 5th largest global tyre company, and Tyres4U are forward thinking organisations and aim to satisfy the needs of transport fleets and owner-drivers with innovative solutions to improve safety, fuel economy, performance and productivity.

Marco Tronchetti Provera, the Chairman of Pirelli & C. S.p.A. recently announced plans to "fast forward" Pirelli's strategy to become the world's leading premium tyre maker, with capital investment over the next 4 years of nearly $3 billion.

Pirelli quality is well regarded, as evidenced by an Auto Pacific customer satisfaction study in USA of 15,000 car owners who rated Pirelli as one of the top 2 tyre brands, and the number 1 high performance tyre brand.

Pirelli with its head office based in Milan, Italy has manufactured truck tyres for 100 years and have developed a wide portfolio of truck tyres segmented on the concept of severity. Pirelli truck tyres are designed and manufactured to last longer with a firm belief in safety demonstrated by Pirelli's slogan that "power is nothing without control".

The normal division between "on/off road" truck tyres is sub-classified according to the severity of the driving surface. The combination of severity and vehicle type provides the optimal tyre specification for steer, drive and trailer axles of Australia's trucks and buses.

Pirelli using their exclusive Spiral Advanced Technology, has launched eco-friendly truck tyres offering lower rolling resistance which use less fuel, and resist road wear for longer mileage, while providing excellent grip for safe driving on wet and dry roads.

The brand new Series:01 Pirelli truck tyres are the first of a new generation of truck tyres designed to provide customer cost efficiency and compliance with the most stringent environmental impact regulations and feature ECOIMPACT symbols including: (a) High Mileage (b) High Retreadability (c) Energy Efficiency and (d) Low Noise levels for driver comfort, safety and reduced environmental impacts, fulfilling 2012 EC directives.

Tyres4U, established over 20 years ago, is Australian owned and have 14 distributioncentres in all states of Australia and the Northern Territory, with over $50 million worth of tyres in stock.

Tyres4U supplies over 200 independent truck tyre dealers, who together form the TEN-24 Truck 'Tyre Emergency Network' covering all Australian trucking routes. TEN-24 is managed by Tyres4U with a 24/7 contact centre support co-ordinating truck & bus tyre roadside repair andreplacement service on highways around Australia.

From 1 January 2012, informed truck & bus owners who are members of TEN-24 will enjoy free emergency truck & bus tyre service on a damaged Pirelli truck or bus tyre if it has been sold and fitted by an accredited TEN-24 truck tyre dealer from that date.

Pirelli joins a select range of Tyres4U truck and bus tyres offering TEN-24 members the peace of mind knowing they can call 1800 00 1024 and they will not have to pay call out fees, travel costs or service charges if they have need emergency truck or bus tyre service at any time. Full conditions and application forms to join TEN-24 are at www.ten-24.com.au.

Tyres4U is quality accredited to ISO9001 by SAI: Global ensuring that Tyres4U operates at best practice and to high quality standards in warehousing and distribution of truck & bus tyres throughout Australia. Tyres4U is a member of ATIC, the Australian Tyre Industry Council and AFMA, the Australian Fleet Managers Association and is a regular exhibitor at major truck and bus shows in Australia, where Pirelli will be showcased.

For information on the wide range of Pirelli truck and bus tyres please visit www.tyres4u.com.au or www.pirelli.com.au. Enquiries such as finding your local Pirelli preferred TEN-24 truck and bus tyre service centre, including all Tyreright service centres, can also be made by calling Tyres4U on 1800 00 1024 anytime.


For more information contact:

Gregor Stone, Tyres4U Group General Manager, Marketing
Tel: 02 9716 1789
Email: gregors@tyres4u.com.au
Website: www.gtradial.com.au or www.tyres4u.com.au