Only months after being Australia's first tyre etailer, Tyreright has expanded on the original ecommerce platform and published a bigger, better online customer portal to make the process of selecting, purchasing and fitting tyres even more convenient.

An encouraging moment for the web team came late in the evening, while loading the full range of Pirelli passenger tyres into the portal when a customer was completing a purchase of 4 Pirelli tyres simultaneously. "There is nothing like a late night sale when all our retail store personnel are tucked up in bed sleeping," Said Dominic Byrne, Tyreright Digital Marketing Manager.

"This really reinforces our belief that consumers are looking to simplify the research and buying process when it comes to tyres. Now they can shop from bed, the office or anywhere."

Technology has been progressing at exponential rates and in only two decades the internet has progressed from basic static web pages of passive viewing to dynamic interactive pages that empower the customer to make a purchase; like a set of Pirelli tyres at midnight.

The web is now driven by younger generations, but adopted by all ages and includes multiple social networking sites, blogs, wikis, video sharing sites, hosted services, mobile applications, mashups and folksonomies.

Tyreright has embraced the growth in Australian ecommerce by not only utilising online cross channel marketing, but by integrating digital channels into a converged platform.

"The next movement on our information age doorstep is, the 'Semantic Web', a collaborative movement that will convert the current web of unstructured documents into a structured 'web of data'. We are not simply acquiring the best technology and services for today's consumer, we are ensuring we continue to be early adopters in the digital revolution that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise, and community boundaries."

Tyreright is a national network of independent tyre dealers who believe shoppers deserve to get the right advice and right service in order to be empowered to make the right choice.

Tyreright specialises in:

• the sale and fitting of tyres for private, commercial and industrial use
• the supply of a comprehensive range of tyres
• finding you the right tyre to suit all driving needs

Tyreright's revolutionary online ordering system allows customers to select tyres ahead of time, pay for them online and then book a time that suits to have them fitted.


For more information contact:

Dominic Byrne, Digital Marketing Manager
Telephone: 02 9716 1748
Fax: 1800 788 988