Advance brand truck tyres have added a new Low Emission Technology truck tyre called GL283A L.E.T., which has received approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a SmartWay-approved tyre effective immediately for drive and steer positions.

Advance tyres are manufactured in Guizhou, China and are growing their market share in Australia, thanks to better quality for less money.

SmartWay is an accreditation scheme for tyres with low rolling resistance, and therefore are fuel saving and better for the environment. SmartWay verified "Low Rolling Resistance" tyres can reduce noise emissions and fuel use by 3 per cent or more.

Advance Tyres possess strong technical power, advanced processing equipment, complete test facilities and excellent capability of technological development and innovation. Advance tyres has obtained an international standard certification on product and quality control system. Tyres4U and its Advance customers look forward to rolling out the Low Emission Technology across its Advance Truck Tyre portfolio in the near future.

Tyres4U stocks a wide range of Advance truck tyres with orders planned for the new GL283A L.E.T. to meet demand for environmentally friendly truck tyres.

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