Donald Parson's, a veteran driver for Mills Transport, experienced first hand the benefits of being a TEN-24 member.

TEN-24 stands for 'Tyre Emergency Network, 24 hours a day', and that is exactly what it is. TEN-24 operates truck tyre Emergency, roadside assistance, Australia wide. As any driver knows, if a tyre problem occurs, it will cost time and money. Running late is a transport operator's worst nightmare.

So when Donald had a tyre issue, Peter Johnson from the The Tyre Yard in West Gosford, an experienced TEN-24 tyre mechanic was dispatched from the TEN-24 contact centre.

Don was extremely impressed by the efficiency and professional way Mr Johnson carried out the tyre replacement. "Peter arrived last night with the two replacement tyres, he was extremely efficient and he worked like a bloody demon, he was fast. He really did tear into it." I told Peter, "The cold won't bother you a bit because I can see the sweat pouring from your brow. I was extremely impressed."

Being a TEN-24 member like Donald Parson's and Mills Transport, gives you the assurance of over 200 locations along the major trucking routes throughout Australia.

To see a TEN-24 Video of a similar situation played out but reflective of daily truck dilemmas, please CLICK HERE.

Visit the TEN-24 website for more information and member charges or FREE CALL 1800 00 1024.