Subaru will unveil two new concept cars at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show later this month. 

Making their world premieres will be the Subaru VIZIV Future Concept and the Impreza five-door concept.

The VIZIV includes automatic driving functions and other advanced safety technology, while the Impreza is a design study for the next generation of Subaru's popular small car.

The name VIZIV is derived from "Vision for Innovation."

Both cars will be unveiled on October 28 at a press briefing by Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, the President of Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), the maker of Subaru vehicles.

It will be streamed live starting from 3.45 pm AEST at SUBARU-USTREAM (

The official Subaru website ( will also feature information about the Subaru stand.

The VIZIV Future Concept is described as an SUV-type concept model. Its technologies include automatic driving capability, resulting from the ongoing evolution of Subaru's EyeSight driver assist system.

The powerplant combines a down-sized turbocharged engine with a hybrid system.

The design is based on the concept of "Subaru and Active Life" and features an All-Wheel Drive platform and Subaru's signature hexagonal grille.

Inside, a camera for monitoring the driver is located on the instrument panel glare shield.

EyeSight is linked with telematics and FHI says technologies have been incorporated that will lead to development of automatic driving.
The advanced front recognition of EyeSight combines with all-direction radar sensing, monitoring traffic around the vehicle and risks from all sides. In addition, high-accuracy GPS and map data are used to pinpoint the vehicle's location with high precision. Optimum control is applied based on information seen and sensed about the route ahead, including corners and lane lines. The result is straight-ahead collision avoidance, combined with enhanced all-direction collision avoidance with vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians, when turning at intersections or reversing. Automatic driving is capable at all speeds on expressways, and automatic parking is supported at home or in commercial car parks.

Use of technological advances in telematics and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) enables anticipation of traffic, weather, and other conditions along the route ahead, as well as effective communication of intentions with people and vehicles. Communication of information about the driver's hobbies and other aspects of an active life is another feature of automatic driving.


The next-generation hybrid has advanced every aspect of the system first launched overseas on the XV Hybrid. Combined with a downsized turbo engine, it improves fuel efficiency, while producing driving enjoyment via the smooth, linear feel when accelerating.


The downsized turbo engine adopted by Subaru for the first time in the Japan domestic market Levorg, is further advanced, and optimized in all dimensions. It offers compact size and light weight combined with net thermal efficiency that is top in the segment. This takes Subaru's ability to combine enjoyable driving and fuel efficiency to a new level.


The propeller shaft has been eliminated by mounting the single motor concentrically on the rear axle in a compact layout. In addition to AWD capabilities, a flat floor is produced, for an expansive, comfortable interior space. It incorporates Subaru's renowned AWD performance while further improving maneuverability, thanks to the vectoring effect of actively controlling front/rear driving force distribution.


The Impreza five-door Concept takes its inspiration from the design of the next-generation Impreza envisaged in FHI's Mid-Term Management Vision "Prominence 2020," announced in May 2014, as the next Subaru new-generation model.

The dynamic and solid theme will be featured more prominently in new-generation models as the essence of Subaru.


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