Subaru Australia has announced an exciting online selling method for its new BRZ sports car.
Strictly limited supply of BRZ has prompted Subaru to sell it exclusively online, at to ensure a premium customer experience.

BRZ will be sold at a National Driveaway Price\* starting at $37,150 with the car going "live" at 12 noon on Monday 16 July.

Nick Senior, Managing Director, Subaru Australia, said: "Our online initiative offers a fantastic level of transparency for BRZ customers, which is in line with our All 4 the Driver customer commitment.

"They will know exactly what the price is going to be and vehicle availability. They can choose their delivering dealership and can even arrange a trade-in valuation.

"This may well be a world first in terms of being able to complete the entire new car purchase process online."

Subaru's All 4 the Driver promise was reflected in the company being named the top performing automotive brand in Australia in the 2011 J.D. Power Customer Service Index.

"We knew that we wouldn't have sufficient BRZs to supply our entire network immediately following the launch.

"The online approach allows us to place demonstrator BRZs with selected dealerships, from which customers can arrange test drives via and also select their preferred delivering dealer.

"Where required, there is an online option to arrange a trade-in valuation and there is also a handy finance calculator\*\*."

The purchase contract will be completed entirely online and the cars will come with a free three-year/ 60,000 kilometre scheduled service plan\*\*\*.

Customers wanting paper brochures and specification sheets can still access them from any Subaru dealership, or via

Mr Senior said Subaru's research indicated few if any prospective BRZ customers would not have website access, but any that do not may simply visit a dealership, which will be able to guide them through the online process using a computer on site.

The exclusive online purchase process will be reviewed in quarter one 2013, when more production becomes available.


  • Simplifies the research and buying process for customers
  • All BRZ specification, pricing and accessory information at Paper copies still available from all Subaru dealerships - easy access and understanding
  • Price transparency – a uniform National Driveaway Price, for customer certainty and clarity
  • A three-year/60,000 kilometre service plan available only via the Subaru National Network is included with every new BRZ sold – value for money and customer choice
  • Book test drives online at a dealer location convenient to the customer – simply enter postcode on to access nearest outlet with a demonstrator – no need to visit dealer beforehand
  • Nominate delivering dealer online – customer choice and convenience
  • Online trade-in valuation option – customers can consider options from the comfort of home
  • Online finance calculator available at\*\* – information and customer convenience
  • Online insurance information available at – extensive information available at fingertips
  • Entire contract process completed online - time efficient, plus clear information
  • Dedicated customer support via a Subaru Australia BRZ coordinator – from order to delivery, customers will receive regular updates – a high level of information

\* The National Driveaway Price includes the vehicle price, 12 months private registration, stamp duty, CTP insurance cost estimate (based on private purchaser with good driving record), and the BRZ three-year/60,000 km Service plan\*\*\* and is not applicable to business or government buyers.
\*\* Online finance calculator provided by Subaru Australia for illustrative purposes only
\*\*\* The BRZ three-year/60,000 km service plan covers all items specified under the standard "Maintenance for Normal Operating Conditions" schedule detailed in the Warranty and Service Logbook . This includes inspection and adjustment of all items listed, genuine parts, labour and fluids required for each standard schedule service. For full service plan terms and conditions go to

For further information, contact:

David Rowley
National Corporate Affairs Manager
Subaru Australia
Telephone: (02) 8892 9853
Mobile: 0418 237 252
Fax: (02) 8892 9121