• Rare-issue NSW motorcycle single-digit heritage plate '2'
  • Six Victorian 3-digit numerical plates on offer
  • Great combinations and 'lucky numbers' to satisfy collectors

If you've got a great classic car or motorcycle, or the latest model Supercar or Super Saloon, the missing finishing touch could be a set of black and white numerical number plates to set you apart from the others. Shannons has a choice of 28 VIC and NSW numerical plates at its upcoming 2020 Winter Timed Online Auction from 19-26 August.

New South Wales motorcyclists have the tantalising opportunity to put the black and white Heritage plate 'NSW 2' on their favourite machine. One of only a small number of NSW motorcycle heritage plates that only rarely come on the open market, this one of nine single digit plates will really make a statement.

Perfect for any one of the 13 restored classic motorcycles in the same auction, '2' is expected to sell in the $170,000-$200,000 range – more than four times the estimated top guiding price of $28,000 for the very rare 1974 Norton Commando 'John Player' 850cc motorcycle in the auction.

Alternatively,  the two-digit motorcycle plates '26' for $40,000-$60,000 is an attractive option, without breaking the bank balance.

Both plates last changed hands at Shannons 2007 Australian International Motor Show Auction, where '2' made $120,000 and '26' sold for $42,500.

For owners of classic cars, the numerically-lowest NSW black and white plates on offer are '265' ($170,000-$200,000) and for Victoria, '476'($100,000-$150,000 – one of the six Victorian three-digit car plates in the auction).

Some great numerical combinations on offer include the NSW plates '5800', '1220', and for those who want to remember this unforgettable year, the numerically pleasing '2020'.

The plate '2021' is also there for those who want to celebrate a new beginning in what the Chinese calendar marks as 'The Year of the Ox'. Another reason, if you need it, is that it also mark history – the first time the Olympic Games has been staged in an odd year!

Meanwhile from Victoria, the combinations '12.221', '88.881' and '7.111' will surely please collectors and those who appreciate numerical order.

Despite the ongoing current COVID-19 restrictions, the demand for significant numerical number plates continues undiminished, with Shannons recording strong sales for the 21 black and white Heritage number plates on offer in its previous online auction that concluded in June this year.

As guide of what to expect in the upcoming August Winter Timed Online Auction the top selling Heritage plate in June was the New South Wales triple-digit '280', which attracted 80 bids before selling for $220,000. The Victorian triple-digit plate '474' receive 58 bids before selling for $145,500.

The top-selling four-digit Heritage plate was NSW '2.360' at $92,000, while the top Victorian four-digit plate was '1.717' for $83,000 and the best five-digit result was the VIC plate '77.888' at $71,500.

Note: The Sydney Auction showroom has re-opened under reduced hours of 10am-4pm, Monday – Friday; the Melbourne Auction showroom is closed due to Stage 3 restrictions.

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