• 47 New South Wales and Victorian numerical B & W number plates
  • 22 rare 3-digit plates
  • Seven plates with 'no reserve'

Australia's largest timed online numberplate auction will be staged by Shannons from today, with bidding closing on February23.

Incorporating the annual release of numerical black and while number plates by the New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services, with a further cache from VicRoads and private sellers, the plates on offer represents one of the largest selections ever offered by Shannons.

The 30 plates released by the RMS to Shannons continues a 15 year annual tradition that began in 2006. They include 17, three-digit plates ranging numerically from '263' to '877' with guiding range prices from $100,000-$150,000; 11 four-digit plates from '1112' to '7979' likely to sell in the $40,000-$70,000 range; and two numerically-appealing five-digit plates – '16161' and '54321'– each expected to bring $25,000-$35,000.

The 17 Victorian black and white plates consist of five three digit plates, from '478' to '983' ($100,000-$150,000); five four-digit plates from '1.248' to '8.011'($30,000-$50,000); and six five-digit plates from '10.100' to '99.899' (all five-digit plates with 'no reserve', $15,000-$25,000).

The Victorian Bicentennial number plate '1926' is also being offered by a private vendor at 'no reserve', with a guiding range of $20,000-$30,000.

Some of the special interest, or numerically- interesting New South plates on offer include '964' (of special interest to early 1990s Porsche owners) and the numerically-appealing '54321', '5544', '7979', '7272', 6767'. Meanwhile, amongst the Victorian plates there are '99.899', '22.122', '10.100' and '2.828'.

Shannons National Auctions and External Relations Manager Christophe Boribon, sad it was pleasing to continue the long association with NSW's RMS with its annual numerical black and white numberplate release.

"This is a much anticipated event for New South Wales collectors and investors," he said. "It has become the premier opportunity each year for enthusiasts to purchase specific or interesting plates for their special vehicle, or to keep as a potentially appreciating asset.

"Collectors have the opportunity to inspect the NSW number plates in person at Shannons new Artarmon showroom prior to and during the Timed Online Auction".

To view all auction lots, visit www.shannons.com.au

For more details, contact the Melbourne or Sydney auction teams on 13 4646, or by email on auctions@shannons.com.au

To talk to a Shannons team member, call Melbourne: (03) 8588 0809 (main auction number), or Christophe (03) 7025 4974; Ryan (03) 7025 4984; or Lisa (03) 70 254971).

Or in Sydney: (02) 8019 4119 (main auction number), Damien (02) 7911 6012; Stuart (02) 7911 6009, or John (02) 7911 6005.