• Simple-to-use, locally developed auction platform brings honesty, transparency and security to pre-loved enthusiast car market
  • Secure transactions with Australia's first automotive Safe Settlement product
  • Peace of mind ensured via Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports and PPSR checks provided free with each listed car
  • Curated seller listings to include more than 100 high-quality images to complement a dedicated, high-quality editorial description
  • Free-to-list or totally hands-free managed sales process
  • CHROME TEMPLE Motors launched Thursday, 8th July 2021, featuring eclectic and exciting enthusiast cars
  • Including: delivery KM homegrown 2014 HSV GTS SEDAN MANUAL, nut and bolt restoration 1968 FORD MUSTANG AUTO, limited edition exotic 2017 ASTON MARTIN V8 S VANTAGE MANUAL RED BULL RACING EDITION, low kilometre German-muscle 2008 BMW E92 M3 MANUAL.

Midday, Thursday, 8th July 2021 – CHROME TEMPLE Motors (CTm), part of the automotive group CHROME TEMPLE (chrometemple.com) has today launched an online auction site, devised to make buying and selling enthusiast cars safer than ever before.

Created by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts, CHROME TEMPLE Motors puts buyers and sellers in full control of the deal and brings key advantages over traditional car classifieds, auction sites and marketplaces.

Whether you're a buyer completing an interstate transaction or a seller simply wanting to maintain your privacy, you can enjoy the peace of mind of a secure and discreet transaction with CHROME TEMPLE's very own, and Australia's first, automotive Safe Settlement product. Aimed at protecting both buyers and sellers, Safe Settlement utilises CHROME TEMPLE Storage + Transport national network to hold and verify both vehicles and funds.

Every listing is accompanied by in excess of 100 high-quality images, to better capture vehicle condition and quality. High-quality photography is paired with editorial descriptions, which blend a colourful overview of the model with industry-leading level of detail about the specific vehicle for sale.

The detailed pictures and words, provide potential buyers with an honest overview of cars listed for auction, including any of the characteristics that made these pre-loved vehicles so iconic or special.

To ensure buyers have the utmost confidence in their desired vehicle, CHROME TEMPLE Motors provides impartial 3rd party mechanical and condition Pre-Purchase Inspection reports. Furthermore, all vehicles are checked against the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) to discover whether any finance is owing and ensure they haven't been stolen or written-off.

As a 24/7 online auction site, buyers and sellers can watch and bid from the comfort and safety of their home and at any time they choose – via any device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

With an agreed minimum reserve price providing reassurance for the vendor and a real-time bidding process determining the real-world value of a vehicle, CHROME TEMPLE Motors is a win-win for both buyer and seller.

This helps sellers avoid the frustrations of time-wasting lowball offers and achieve a desired sale price, while buyers avoid paying over the odds for unrealistically priced cars.

Sellers can even choose from a free listing to a totally hands-free managed sales process, with the CHROME TEMPLE Butler service.

"At CHROME TEMPLE Motors, we believe honesty inspires confidence and we aim to do 90 per cent of the hard yards for both buyers and sellers," says Alex Rogers, CHROME TEMPLE Motors General Manager & Co-Founder

"CHROME TEMPLE has launched CHROME TEMPLE Motors to remove the typical car buying frustrations and reduce the risks – circumnavigating time-wasters and potential pitfalls, saving valuable time for all parties through committed buyers and sellers, highly detailed descriptions, free Pre-Purchase Inspection reports and PPSR certificates. As well as the introduction of Australia's first automotive Safe Settlement product." Says Lex Pedersen, CHROME TEMPLE Director & Co-Founder.

As car guys, the CHROME TEMPLE Motors team knows there will always be more questions about listed cars, so a simple and visible Q&A comment section is included in the listing page – giving buyers added transparency and information.

And as ever-busy lives mean few people have unlimited time to hunt for cars, CHROME TEMPLE Motors serves up a curated experience – selecting only the coolest and most desirable cars – and supports every listing with a custom advertising strategy, actively showcasing vehicles to relevant target audiences across multiple digital media channels.

CHROME TEMPLE Motors provides 100 percent transparency on fees involved. Listings are free and sellers receive 100 percent of the successful hammer price. Successful buyers can enjoy simple low fees of 5% inc GST of the sale amount, with a minimum fee of $1,000 and capped at a maximum $10,000.

A Zero Sniping Policy adds more time if a bid is received in the final 10 minutes of the allocated auction period. Unlike some auctions that allow last-minute bids to steal a listing, CHROME TEMPLE Motors' approach gives all bidders a fair chance to realise their last bid and gives vendors the greatest chance to realise the best value for their car.

And with CHROME TEMPLE Motors timely notifications, you'll know whether you've been outbid, so you can head back online to secure your next pride and joy.

Auction periods vary between seven and 14 days, depending on the value and rarity of the vehicle.

CHROME TEMPLE Motors' auctions launched Midday, Thursday, 8th July 2021 and can be accessed via chrometemple.com

Enticing initial offerings include delivery kilometre homegrown 2014 HSV GTS SEDAN MANUAL, nut and bolt restoration 1968 FORD MUSTANG AUTO, limited edition exotic 2017 ASTON MARTIN V8 S VANTAGE MANUAL RED BULL RACING EDITION, low kilometre German-muscle 2008 BMW E92 M3 MANUAL.

CHROME TEMPLE is a premium car storage, transport, sales, consignment and investment group. Our purpose is to actively increase the quality and frequency of your time with your collection.

For further information, please contact:

Alex Rogers
General Manager & Co-Founder, CHROME TEMPLE Motors
0420 688 484