Up to 40% of Australian drivers are buying cheaper budget tyres to save money, thinking there is no safety risk.

Many consumers are uninvolved in choosing tyres, relying on price, because they don't perceive any difference.

A May 2014 CHOICE\* Australian tyre review warned consumers of the dangers of some tyres on wet roads:
"…performance in emergencies or wet weather conditions is what really counts, and some of the poorer performers under these circumstances were downright dangerous."

Choosing the wrong tyre may mean not being able to stop in time, on a wet road, to avoid an accident with another vehicle or to avoid hitting a pedestrian on the road, which could possibly, and tragically, be a child.

In the past year, GT Radial tyres has been recommended twice in CHOICE\* Australian tyre tests:

  • GT Radial Champiro Eco 175/65R14 tyres recommended by choice in December 2014
  • GT Radial Champiro UHP1 215/50R17 tyres recommended by choice in May 2015

GT Radial tyres are priced to be great value for money, offering equal or better performance than market leaders.

To alert Australian drivers that there is a risk choosing budget tyre brands, the Australian importer of GT Radial tyres, Tyres4U is launching a national advertising campaign from August 2015.

GT Radial advertising will appear on the Prime 7 TV network throughout regional Australia as well as nationally with online video advertising on Facebook, YouTube and popular websites in Australia.

Australian parents will become aware that they can improve their family's safety and reduce risk on wet roads if they insist on GT Radial tyres next time they need tyres.

GT Radial tyres also come with a unique 5 Year Free Tyre Replacement Guarantee protecting consumers against any manufacturing defects for total peace of mind.

The website will be relaunched to feature the new GT Radial advertising and wet braking safety campaign with a dealer locator showing drivers where to get GT Radial, including at over 200 Tyreright and affiliated Tyreright service centres throughout Australia (

View the new GT Radial advertising campaign on the GT Radial Australian YouTube channel now:

30 sec TV ad (

and 4 min full test video (
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For more information see pdf: " GT Radial - safer tyres for Australian families" or or contact:

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