So who would have thought that the new kid on the block was going to perform so well against the big boys?

GT Radial Champiro HPY Ultra High Performance car tyres surprised freelance Canadian tyre specialist John Mahler, when they scored 1st place in wet skid pad, dry braking and wet slalom testing among six brands of tyres in size 225/45R17.

The track test allowed a direct comparison of some less known tyres brands, such as GT Radial, against some established and more expensive brands. including Michelin and Bridgestone.

The tyre testing was done on various surfaces in controlled wet and dry conditions.

No expense was spared and the testing was done at a high quality level. Three BMW 3 Series cars (two 328Xi's and one 323i) were fitted with measuring technology including state of the art PBox data acquisition units and an Accelerometer combined with a GPS. Speed, stopping distance, stopping time and g-loads were measured 10 times per second.

Emergency braking was tested from 80km per hour in both wet and dry conditions, a speed 20 km / hr faster than the driving limit on most Australian city roads. The outstanding results should have every parent and aware driver considering GT Radial for their next set of tyres, due to their superior performance and incredible value for money.

GT Radial HPY Ultra High performance tyres feature an asymmetric design, a solid centre rib, four wide grooves and full Silica, to optimise grip and stability on dry and wet roads even at high speeds.

Another GT Radial tyre pattern called Champiro 228, has also been tested and recommended in 2010 by Choice, the leading independent consumer organisation in Australia, who selected GT Radial Champiro 228 in their "What to buy" list, outperforming better known and more expensive brands. This dynamic tyre also features Silica, a key ingredient for improved safety as well as lowering fuel consumption.

GT Radial tyres are renowned for their long mileage, and GT Radial tyres are the only tyres in Australia that come with a free 5 year tyre replacement guarantee, called Drive 5ive.

Contact your GT Radial tyre dealer by using the GT Radial dealer locator at or by calling them direct on 13 62 82.

GT Radial have tyres for almost every car and 4WD vehicle in Australia.

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