Beijing - In recent years, the Chinese government has promoted technical innovation with the main goal of saving energy and reducing emissions to transition to a low carbon, green economy.

Against this backdrop, the Guangdong Province has been incentivising drivers by conducting the Yutong Cup City Bus Driver Fuel-saving Competition . Participating contestants at the cup in late 2014 used an Allison-equipped GAC GZ6120SV bus as part of the competition.

This 12m automatic bus featuring an Allison fully automatic T270 transmission with retarder and FuelSense technology held attendees' keen interest.

As the world's leading automatic transmission brand for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, Allison Transmission is dedicated to the design, development and application promotion of energy-saving technology and solutions.

At the Urban Public Transport Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle and Parts Exhibition & Product Promotion Fair held concurrently with the Fuel-saving Competition, Paula Chen, Allison's director for bus sales and marketing in China, introduced FuelSense: a set of advanced software and electronic controls, including advanced 5th Generation technology, EcoCal, Dynamic Shift Sensing and Neutral at Stop features. FuelSense takes fuel-savings to a new level, realizing fuel savings of up to 20 percent and helps sustain superior productivity.

Liang Zhongxiong, Shenzhen Eastern Bus Co., Ltd.'s technical supervisor, has been driving an Allison-equipped vehicle since 1999. After years of experience, he said, "Allison transmissions can upshift automatically and run at a moderate speed to help the bus operate in high gear at low speeds to obtain maximum fuel economy. I tell the drivers, at launch, try to ease on and off the throttle in accordance with the instructions."

Yang Wenjian, a Zhuhai Bus Co., Ltd. driver, always drives an Allison-equipped bus during hisdaily routine. Covering congested roads year round, he's keenly aware that the manual bus he used to drive had higher fuel consumption and maintenance costs due to frequent daily start-stop duty cycles.

The Neutral at Stop function in Allison's fully automatic transmission reduces or eliminates engine load while the vehicle is stopped, reducing fuel consumption. Yang told journalists that his fuel economy has obviously increased, since driving buses equipped with Allison Automatics.

Steven Chew, managing director for Allison Transmission China, said, "Allison pays attention and responds positively to China's environmental policies. Early in 2014, we launched FuelSense to help fleets and drivers easily realize fuel savings and emission reductions as part of developing green, safe and smart transport."

About Allison Transmission
Allison Transmission (NYSE: ALSN) is the world's largest manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, and is a leader in hybrid-propulsion systems for city buses. Allison transmissions are used in a variety of applications including refuse, construction, fire, distribution, bus, motorhomes, defense and energy. Founded in 1915, the company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA and employs approximately 2,700 people worldwide. With a market presence in more than 80 countries, Allison has regional headquarters in the Netherlands, China and Brazil with manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Hungary and India. Allison also has approximately 1,400 independent distributor and dealer locations worldwide. For more information, visit