Leading Sydney-based commercial waste removal company has exclusively committed to Allison-equipped fully automatic trucks to deliver greater efficiency, safety and reliability

SYDNEY - For the past 25 years, Allison Transmission-equipped trucks have exclusively been used by Express Waste to reliably and efficiently complete its hard and dirty work, ranging from heavy commercial waste bins to vacuum oil removal tanks.

According to owners Wes Rogers and Ken Walker, Allison transmissions are a vital component in their truck fleet. By enabling their trucks to handle heavy waste bins safely, reliably and efficiently, Allison has had a significant role in the growth and development of Express Waste.

"We have had a totally trouble-free run with Allison Automatics," said Walker. "They have not missed a beat, and in my opinion they are the best."
Express Waste operates seven Allison-equipped trucks, including two Fuso FS 8x4s, a heavy-duty Scania, an Iveco Stralis and two Iveco Accos.

Their key operational trucks are the heavy-duty Fuso FS 8x4s with Allison 4000 SeriesTM fully automatic transmissions. Each vehicle transports large skip bins and oil vacuum tanks 60 miles daily from Sydney to the Wollongong industrial centre.

According to Rogers, the Allison-equipped Fusos are ideally suited to the heavy traffic in Sydney as well as the steep climbs in and out of Wollongong.

"The Fusos have been running from Sydney to Wollongong picking up high-capacity, hook-lift bins, often towing a single-axle oil vacuum tank, and they are perfect for the job," he said. "In city traffic you have to have an automatic, and the Allison is the best in the business. They are just the most efficient automatics available and very reliable as well, as is evidenced by the faultless performance we have had in our older Fuso FS."

The older of the two automatic Fusos was added to the fleet in 2007 and has covered more than a half-million miles without issue. Both trucks now travel more than 1,200 miles weekly.

Along with their ability to easily maneuver in tight spaces and on difficult jobsites, Allison transmissions allow drivers to move precisely, even at low engine speeds, while also engaging the Power Take-Off (PTO) provision for hook-lift operation while moving.

"With Allison Automatics we can pick up a big, heavy bin with the hook lift while idling, and then reverse the truck back underneath it - making the job so much faster, easier and safer," said Rogers. "A manual could not do the job as easily. They load the truck hydraulics up, and it's quite frustrating because it takes twice as long to do the job."

After having driven in the waste collection business since 1982, Walker started Express Waste in 1990 with a single truck. That means he's been driving and operating waste disposal trucks for more than 30 years and has always used Allison fully automatic transmissions.

"As far as I am concerned, you can give me an Allison any day of the week. They are simply the best automatics around," he said.

Express Waste's drivers also love Allison Automatics, saying they make daily tasks a lot easier, which boosts the company's overall efficiency - a factor that you simply can't quantify according to Rogers. With Walker looking forward to retirement, Rogers has bought into the business and is playing an increasingly important role in day-to-day operations as he gradually takes over running the company.

"We always complete the work efficiently to ensure minimum disruption to service and the most cost-effective solution for our clients, which mirrors the experience we have had with Allison," said Walker. "They have been efficient, responsive and we have had no disruption to our work."

About Allison Transmission

Allison Transmission (NYSE: ALSN) is the world's largest manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehiclesand is a leader in hybrid-propulsion systems for city buses. Allison transmissions are used in a variety of applications including refuse, construction, fire, distribution, bus, motorhomes, defense and energy. Founded in 1915, the company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA and employs approximately 2,700 people worldwide. With a market presence in more than 80 countries, Allison has regional headquarters in the Netherlands, China and Brazil with manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Hungary and India. Allison also has approximately 1,400 independent distributor and dealer locations worldwide. For more information, visit allisontransmission.com.

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