Thursday 29 November @ 10:50AM AEDT

Mazda Motor Corporation
Representative Director, President and CEO
Akira Marumoto

Good afternoon, everyone. I am Akira Marumoto, President and CEO of Mazda Motor Corporation.
Thank you for taking the time to join us at the Mazda stand today.

Mazda's corporate vision begins with the statement "We love cars and want people to enjoy fulfilling lives through cars."

It expresses our strong desire to build a special bond with customers through the car-ownership experience.

Since 2012, we have introduced nine models featuring Skyactiv Technology and Kodo design into global markets. This has resulted in steady sales growth at approximately 50,000 units per year and delivered Mazda's renowned driving pleasure to customers around the world.

In particular, there is one model which has delivered driving pleasure to a great number of Mazda customers around the world.
That is Mazda3.

Mazda3 has been our highest achiever with sales of over 6 million units in 130 countries and regions in the 15 years since the launch of the 1st-generation model in 2003.

Two million of those brought driving pleasure to customers in North America.

Mazda3 has played a leading role not only in driving our business growth worldwide but in strengthening bonds between customers and the Mazda brand.

Now, I am honored to introduce the all-new Mazda3. This is the start of a new era. We wanted our customers in North America to be the first to experience this new driving pleasure, which is why we chose to unveil the model here in Los Angeles.

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is, the all-new Mazda3!

The all-new Mazda3 is a car you will want to look at and drive again and again. Our team has dramatically improved quality in all the areas that matter to customers.

In design, Mazda continues to explore the essence of Japanese aesthetic sensibilities, pursuing a uniquely elegant and sophisticated style that raises car design to the level of art. Our new-generation design vision models, Mazda RX-Vision and Mazda Vision Coupe won a number of prestigious design awards, showing that Mazda's new design direction is being well received. Based on these two models, the all-new Mazda3 sedan and hatchback have very distinct personalities.

The latest Skyactiv Technologies based on our human-centered development philosophy are incorporated into the all-new Mazda3.
Mazda's Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture was developed to maximize the human body's inherent ability to balance itself. It offers more comfortable and less tiring driving and enables all occupants to respond quickly to environmental changes, while the latest Skyactiv engines provide responsive driving in any situation.

The latest technologies work synergistically to support Mazda's world-renowned Jinba-ittai driving experience.

The all-new Mazda3 will offer you a true "Feel Alive" experience on every drive.

Next, let me talk about the philosophy behind our environmental technologies.

Last year, we announced that Mazda would be embracing a well-to-wheel perspective and working to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the car's entire life cycle.

We are targeting to reduce average CO2 emissions by 50 percent by 2030. To achieve this, we will take a multi-solution approach tailored to each region. Such solutions include Mazda's ideal internal combustion engines paired with hybrid, plug-in hybrid, as well as battery EVs with and without the rotary range extender.

Skyactiv-X is one of Mazda's ideal combustion engines. Thanks to SPCCI, which stands for Spark-Controlled Compression Ignition, this revolutionary power plant combines the free-revving characteristics of a gasoline engine with the efficiency, torque and fast initial response of a diesel engine.

Now, I am pleased to announce that starting from the all-new Mazda3, all upcoming new models will be equipped with the Skyactiv-X gasoline engine.

Mazda promises to continue to amaze you with new models and the latest technologies, and to enhance the value of the car-ownership experience.

Furthermore, Mazda aims to be recognized as a brand that forms the strongest of bonds with each customer.

Our next speaker is Masahiro Moro, the president and CEO of Mazda North American Operations.